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The Women's Resource Center Division of Student Affairs

About The Women's Resource Center

About the Women's Resource Center (WRC)

The WRC cultivates a safe space where students can be empowered and affirmed. We strive to provide the campus with programs that offer a platform for discussions with a feminist lens and a focus on current gender identity issues. We seek to empower students by providing programs and workshops to challenge sexism, socialized gender roles, and the patriarch.

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Students Promoting Education Awareness and Knowledge

SPEAK seeks to engage the larger campus community in conversations around sexual violence prevention and bystander intervention through a feminist lens. The program’s guiding philosophy shifts the focus of sexual violence prevention from being primarily a women’s issue to an issue that engages all genders. Collective responsibility is essential to ending sexual violence against women and people of other marginalized genders.

Internship Commitments

  • 20 hours across the semester
  • Tabling to get the word out
  • Meet Fridays to learn about consent, feminism, patriarchy, sexual violence and how to stop it!
  • Engage the campus in an interactive workshop highlighting learning outcomes of the internship

The Women's Resource Center

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    The Women's Resource Center
    University Union, Room 2250
    Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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    Phone: (916) 278-7388