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Now that Spring 2020 grades have been posted, you again have the ability to review and make changes to how your Spring 2020 classes are graded.

Beginning April 23, students can view their courses and change the basis of evaluation to any of the following three options:

  1. Traditional Grading Policy (A,B,C,D,F)
  2. Credit/No Credit
    • If you choose Credit/No Credit for a class, the result will not impact your G.P.A. (There might be considerations for prerequisites or some major classes.
      An advisor can guide you if you have questions.)
  3. Letter Grade/No Credit
    • A-C/No Credit (For Undergraduate level courses)
      • An (A, A-),( B+, B, B-), (C+, C, C-) grade will count towards GPA, a No Credit (NC) for the course will not count towards GPA.
    • A-B/NC (For Graduate level courses)
      • An (A, A-), (B+, B, B-) grade will count towards GPA, a No Credit (NC) will not count towards GPA

Please review the FAQs to fully understand what the change in grade basis might mean for your unique situation and/or consult with your department chair, faculty advisor, or academic advisor. Then watch the tutorial video and use the electronic form Change Your Grade Basis After Grades Post to request a change in grade basis. Only eligible classes will be visible within the form.

Most students will be eligible to make this change; however, depending on your academic status (i.e. international, graduate, etc.) specific terms may apply. If for this reason or any other, you aren’t sure whether to pursue alternative grading, it’s a good idea to talk with an advisor.

Academic Advising

College Success Centers

Graduating Seniors

If you are graduating in Spring 2020, you must submit your petition to change your grade basis by Friday, June 5th. Once your degree is awarded changes cannot be made.