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Last updated: 4/29/2020

Video Updates From Dr. Ed Mills

Academic Advising

Where are the advising help links? I looked online and it gives me a lot of pre-quarantine information, which at the moment is not very useful.
You have the opportunity to make changes from April 23rd through May 8th, 2020. Changes during this timeframe will be made in your Sac State Student Center. Once final grades have been posted, the Registrar’s Office will update student records and academic standing (this will take a few weeks). After all, records have been updated in mid-to-late June, if a student realizes they may have chosen a grading basis that is not the best option, they will be able to file a petition to change the grading basis. We will encourage students to speak with their academic advisors to make sure they have talked through the pros and cons of the proposed change. The petition will be reviewed by the Registrar’s Office staff. The process will take time as we want to make sure students make a decision that is in their best interest. If you have specific questions about the options available, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

How can I schedule an advising appointment? I’m assuming the process has changed.
Schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

How do you talk to your advisor I am a sociology major and have been wanting to talk to one of the advisors about summer courses?
Schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Grade Change

When do we have to make our grade decisions by? Can we wait until we know our final grades to make this choice?
You need to complete this activity by May 8th. If you have specific questions about the options available, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Will these options be for summer school as well?
We made the change in grading options for the Spring semester. Summer session is different because we announced prior to registration that summer session classes are remote (virtual).

Will a WX be shown on my transcript?
Your transcript will reflect a W grade that will not impact your GPA or count in a maximum of 18 units of W grades allowed during your undergraduate academic career.

If we choose to drop a class will it negatively affect our GPA?
If you drop a course, you will receive a "W" grade. W grades are not calculated in your GPA. Use the drop a course form, the deadline to drop is May 8, 2020.

Do you have to make the grade change?
Changing your grade basis is optional.

What about CCE students?
CCE students will have the same opportunities for grade changes.

Dr. Mills: What about Graduate students? Specifically, a Graduate student enrolled in an Undergrad course? Thank you!
The ability to change your grade basis is connected to the course, not your classification as a graduate or undergraduate student. As a graduate student taking an undergraduate course, we recommend you discuss the grade basis change options with the Office of Graduate Studies to determine whether a change will still satisfy the requirement.

Summer School

How do I pay for summer though? My fees are $2702. I'm a student, immigrant, broke, out of job, but still gotta pay you
Students can apply for summer financial aid. The link to the summer aid application can be found in your Student Center under Financial Aid Links. You can email specific questions about summer aid.

You are charging the same full price for summer tuition??
The per-unit tuition charges are the same for summer but the mandatory campus fees for summer are reduced. The Union/Well fees are not being charged for the summer session.

Does FAFSA pay for summer classes?
You can apply for summer aid. To see if you qualify to complete the Summer Aid Application after registering for summer courses. You will find the link to the summer aid application in your Student Center under Financial Aid Links. Feel free to email specific questions on summer aid.