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Coronavirus Information for Students Division of Student Affairs

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Last updated: 3/26/2020

Video Updates From Dr. Ed Mills


Is the AIRC still open?
Currently, the AIRC is closed to support social distancing guidelines. While students are encouraged to stay home if they are able, there is free, drive-in Wi-Fi in Parking Structure 5 Monday-Friday from 10 am - 4 pm for students without home access for studying purposes. The long-term Laptop Checkout request process is also still being administered, and the IRT Service Desk Team is working virtually during open hours. For real-time building, Computer Lab, and IRT Service Desk hours, be sure to bookmark

Summer School

For the summer semester, trying to figure out online or in-person classes, that wasn't clear!
We apologize for the confusion with this topic. As of now, we are not able to answer this question with 100% certainty. We are monitoring the situation closely and making decisions as information is available. We would love to resume in-person classes, we just do not have an answer.

Book Store

Because the campus is closed, I cannot bring in my rented textbooks, will I get charged for the textbooks due to missing the due date?
While the due date for rented books has not changed, the store has extended the period before nonreturn charges are charged because of this issue. The non-return charge date has been extended 15 days past your current return due date. To avoid late charges, please have your book in transit by the due date. For more information on the Bookstore, please visit the Hornet Bookstore website and their COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (Bookstore FAQ’s, 3/22/20, JNV)

General Comments

I don't want to watch seven-minute videos to keep up with CSUS news. Just send me emails that I can skim through for what's applicable to me.
Thank you for the feedback. Up to date information is available to students in two ways. One is through the video updates from Vice President, Dr. Ed Mills. The second is on the website, Coronavirus Information for Students. This website is a consolidation of the important information from across the campus and available to skim through.


How long will it take for me to receive my diploma?
Diplomas are mailed out following degree evaluation. Typically, they are received three to four months after completion of a degree. With the operational changes, we don't know if the diploma delivery time will be affected. Thanks for your patience.

Should I still pick up my honor cord?
The ASI student shop is closed but students can order graduation regalia, including honor cords, online at the ASI Student Shop website.

From below are from 3/20


Also, wondering if there is a way to get a refund on the student meal points and flex cash?
If a student chooses to cancel their contract, their charges will be prorated based on the official date that they checkout online through Hornet Housing with an additional 10-day notice period (this includes students returning their key and fob). Students must go online to Hornet Housing in order to cancel their contract and click on the COVID-19 box.


What if a class I needed to graduate this Spring for my minor was dropped, and now I'm short 1 unit?
Reach out to your faculty advisor or major department chair for guidance.

How will credit for internships work? For some majors, an internship is required and for me personally my internship was suspended by my place of employment because of the virus. I was supposed to graduate in May so my internship was important credit-wise...I know internship units are based on hours worked so how will students receive credit if they’re no longer able to continue?
This will vary by internship. Your internship coordinator and/or major department chair will be able to provide the best answer to this question. Please reach out to them.

Once classes start back up(online), will the classes that were given exceptions (labs, professional activity courses) still be meeting? I'm a kinesiology major with a concentration in Physical Education Teacher Education and I don't know if I should prepare for everything to be online or meeting in a class a few times a week. I also appreciate your videos and wouldn't mind them being longer.
As of yesterday, we need to prepare for all courses to be virtual. Your professors will continue to work on altering the courses to be able to teach them in a virtual format. Each class may be a bit different. The best person to help you will be your professor.

Hopefully, many of the professors will be understanding when it comes to grading things (hopefully curving) and on our final grades. I really don't think Zoom is a robust solution with millions of users. I have great Wi-Fi but with a large family and everyone using the network, I can't even Zoom with one person without the audio and video freezing for multiple seconds at a time... How am I supposed to do well in the classes I need as a graduating senior and for grad school!
We understand your concerns. Our faculty will do their very best to account for this unprecedented situation. All we ask is that you do your best and work with your professors as we all adjust to this new reality.

Is the university considering giving students the option to have “Pass/No Pass” when completing courses this semester?
Several universities are thinking through this option. It is something in discussion with our Faculty Senate and Academic Administration, but no decisions have been made yet.

Is there any update on what students are supposed to do if they’re in an internship? Is our internship suspended indefinitely?
We are not sure about internships, I would reach out to your internship coordinator or department chair.

Do you have enough information to decide if we will continue online classes for Fall semester 2020?
At this time that information has not been shared yet. We will continue to share the information as it comes available.