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Hornet Launch Division of Student Affairs


About Hornet Launch Program

About Hornet Launch

The Hornet Launch Program pre-enrolls first-time, first-year students in their first year. The structured schedules created for students provide meaningful, productive classes to ensure all new freshmen students are on track to graduate in four years.

Benefits of the Program

  • Students are guaranteed a meaningful schedule to start their education with momentum towards finishing in four years, ensuring students are on a path to achieve their academic goals.
  • Schedules were developed to take the stress and guesswork out of course planning and courses were selected to create the most beneficial schedule for students' first semester.
  • These schedules prevent wasted units, time, and extra costs from unneeded coursework.
  • Students are pre-enrolled in the optimal set of classes before orientation and will have an opportunity to work out any schedule adjustments with an adviser at Orientation.


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