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Student Affairs Antiracism Action Plan

The staff, faculty, and managers in Student Affairs at Sacramento State are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and valued. We view our diversity as our strength and have dedicated ourselves in service to our students, our colleagues, our community, and each other.

To that end, the Student Affairs Antiracism Working Team came together in the spring and summer of 2022 to create a set of goals and objectives supporting the University’s Antiracism & Inclusive Campus Plan (AICP). The AICP can be viewed on the Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Plan website.

The current draft of the Student Affairs Antiracism Action Plan is provided below. The plan was first organized into Student Goals and Objectives and Staff Goals and Objectives. The working team then provided the draft action plan to the division for feedback and comments. That feedback is also available on this website. We are also working on ways to include more student input and feedback on our action plans.

Our next steps are to review the feedback to make additions or adjustments where possible and to ask members of the Student Affairs Management Team to volunteer to take ownership of specific objectives. That work should be completed in early November 2022. Once all assignments are done, the updated action plans will be available on this web page.

We will work to complete the action plans through the rest of the 2022-23 academic year (including summer 2023). Finally, we will report on completed activities. Some goals or objectives may also require a more formal assessment. We will note goals or objectives where a more formal assessment is conducted

Our Student Affairs Leadership Council (SALC) would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Student Affairs Antiracism Workgroup members and the Student Affairs IT Support group for their excellent work on this initiative.