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Strategic Planning & Activities Division of Student Affairs

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Strategic Planning

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to the strategic activities.

Strategic Action Items

Imperatives and Activities

Under the direction of the Vice President of Student Affairs, the division is involved in the below imperatives and activities:

IMPERATIVE: Learning and Student Success
Activity 2: Implement a coordinated academic advising model with case management along with a University-wide early-warning system and early-alert system, beginning in Fall 2024.

IMPERATIVE: Learning and Student Success
Activity 3: Implement the Chancellor’s Office Black Student Success Recommendations (BSSR) by establishing a Black-themed Honors College by Fall 2024, serving students interested in Black and African American life, history, and culture.

IMPERATIVE: Learning and Student Success
Activity 4: Increase scholarship utilization rate to 95% by Fall 2028, reducing criteria to provide flexibility to better support students of color and athletes.

IMPERATIVE: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Activity 10: Expand the capacity of cultural centers to provide essential academic supports by increasing staff and ensuring adequate physical space for each center by Fall 2025.

IMPERATIVE: Resource Development and Sustainability
Activity 15: Pave the road to transition all Sacramento State NCAA DI sports to one athletic conference to reduce travel for student athletes by renovating the Union WELL basketball gym and replacing temporary football stands with stadium seating by Fall 2028.

IMPERATIVE: Resource Development and Sustainability
Activity 16: Launch Combat Sports and Martial Arts University (aka Combat U) by Fall 2024, providing high-quality learning at Sacramento State and training opportunities for martial arts through public-private partnerships.

IMPERATIVE: Community Involvement
Activity 18: Ensure that 80% of undergraduate students participate in a paid or credit internship prior to graduation by Fall 2028 by supporting integration of all campus internship efforts.

IMPERATIVE: Wellness and Safety
Activity 21: Reach a 1:1,500 ratio of therapists to students by Fall 2024. This includes set-alone therapists for Guardian Scholars, Black Honor’s College, and Project Rebound.

IMPERATIVE: Wellness and Safety
Activity 22: Establish a Basic Needs Center by Fall 2025, providing streamlined access to resources for students in crisis and students experiencing food, housing, transportation, and employment insecurities

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