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Student Resource Maps

Sac State Equity & Affinity Centers

These centers are safe spaces for students from historically marginalized backgrounds and identities. They promote self-empowerment through resources, programming, and one-on-one support. The centers also help students learn about themselves and others, build community, and strengthen their connection to Sac State.

Sac State Equity & Affinity Centers Map

All-Gender Restrooms

Sacramento State has All-Gender Restrooms located throughout the campus. The All-Gender Restroom map provides a visual representation of the location of the all-gender restrooms on campus and their locations within specific buildings. Please note that restroom access may vary depending on building hours and some restroom access may be different. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the VP/CFO for more information.

All-Gender Restrooms

Diaper Changing Stations & Mother’s Rooms

Sacramento State understands the importance of a welcoming environment for all campus community members and guests. Sac State has added several Diaper Changing Stations & Mother’s Rooms around campus to provide lactating mothers with a safe and comfortable space.

Diaper Changing Stations & Mother’s Rooms Map

Dinning Options

Sac State Campus Eateries