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Disqualified, Dismissed & TOPSS

Disqualification, Dismissal and Reinstatement

Academic Disqualification

When a student is on academic probation, the student will be academically disqualified if their Sacramento State or cumulative GPA after the semester is below a:

  • Freshman (30 units): 1.50
  • Sophomores (30-59.9 units): 1.70
  • Juniors (60-89.9 units): 1.85
  • Seniors (90 or more units): 1.95
  • Students not on probation will be disqualified if the cumulative GPA is 1.00 or less.
  • Disqualified students will not be allowed to register unless they are formally reinstated and/or readmitted to the University.

Academic Dismissal

  • A student reinstated after disqualification who earns a semester GPA below 2.00 or fails to meet other requirements specified in the reinstatement contract will be dismissed.
  • Academically dismissed students are not eligible for readmission without at least one semester of absence from Sacramento State.
  • Students who have been dismissed twice must sit out two years before petitioning to return.


  • Students who have been disqualified or dismissed from the university are eligible to re-apply to return to the Sac State after meeting specific guidelines. Visit the Returning Students page.

Transforming Outcomes Project at Sacramento State (TOPSS)

A four-year degree completion program administered and delivered inside two California state prisons through a partnership of California State University, Sacramento and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. TOPSS students are earning their BA degree in Communication Studies.

Visit the TOPSS Page.

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