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Housing Conference & Event Services Division of Student Affairs

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Additional Charges

Liability and Damages

Any damages found in rooms or public areas after the camp departs will be charged to the camp. Housing Conference and Event Services encourages each camp’s staff to inform guests in the beginning of their stay about respecting the residence hall property and how to avoid damage charges. For any questions about damages, camp staff should contact the Housing Conference and Events Services Coordinator.

Miscellaneous Room Use and Furniture

  • Non-residential room use (non-sleeping room) residence hall rooms used as non-sleeping rooms. Example: offices, nurses' station, storage, etc. (one room on the first floor will be used). Furniture cannot be removed from rooms in the American River Courtyard and Riverview Hall.
  • No furniture moved………….. $35.00 night
    Room used as is (office, storage, nurses station).
  • Furniture moving and storage averages……$255.00/hr
    Pricing varies on the amount of furniture removed/stored. One room on the first floor will be used to store furniture. Advance notice is needed.

Commuter Guests

All commuter guests utilizing residence hall complex facilities for purposes other than overnight stay must pay a day-use fee of $8.25 per day. A list of names must be submitted to Housing Conference and Event Services.

Possible Additional Charges

Note: Items may not specifically be included in the original Housing Conference and Events Services Agreement.

  • Lost room key or access card….$30.00 each
  • Custodial labor fee……….$35.00/hr
    (charges will be assessed if the furniture in halls is not returned to its proper place after use). Additional items include: program boxes, glitter on the carpet, removal of flyers, posters, banners from walls, pizza boxes, excessive spills, excessive trash, etc.
  • Smoking clean-up charge….minimum of $250.00
  • Window screen removal/replacement….$30.00 per screen
  • Damage of mattress (blood/urine/rips/damage)…$235.00
  • Parking permits…..varies depending on the duration of stay
  • Phone service….$150.00 installation/service charge per line
  • Additional bed linens and towels…$20.00 per set
  • Late check-outs, early arrivals...(Charged according to contracted room rate).
  • Pool table………………$300.00
    (moved pool table/re-balance charge)

Stage Rental

  • Rental of stage/risers….$140.00 for two-4’x8’ stage panels-includes one-time set-up
  • $280.00 for four-4’x8’ stage panels includes a one-time set-up
    Additional stage setup/relocation…$30.00

Table And Chair Rental

  • Chair Rental (metal)…….$2.00/each - daily - drop off & pick up included
  • Table rental – 6ft (plastic)…..$5.00/each - daily - drop off & pick up included
  • Table/chair delivery and drop off…$35.00 charge - includes a one time setup - arranged in advance