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Apply to Graduate

The online graduation application has replaced the paper application. Our goal is to simplify the Graduation Application Process for students.

Your application and graduation application fee can be accessed by logging into your Student Center.

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Eligibility to Apply Online

In order to apply for graduation, a student must meet the following criteria and file by the appropriate deadline:

  • You must have 85 units completed at the point of applying for graduation
  • You must have a declared Major/Minor on record
  • You must have an assigned Major/Minor advisor on record
  • You must be enrolled as an undergraduate student
  • Second bachelor's students must meet with a graduation advisor to obtain a graduation application

View application submission deadlines

Application Status

You may access your graduation application any time after submitting for approval and review. Below are the status types describing the various stages of your online graduation application:

  • Applying
  • Pending Graduation Evaluation
  • Graduation Evaluation Complete
  • Degree Awarded
  • Degree Denied

The Acceptance Status field indicates whether your advisor and/or department chair have approved your application.

It could take several weeks for your graduation application to be approved by your major/minor advisor and department chair. If your application has been delayed in the approval process, please direct all questions to your major/minor department on record.

Graduation Fee

When applying for graduation using the online application, you are given the option to pay at the time you electronically submit your application or pay at a later date.

Please note that if you pay the graduation filing fee after you have submitted your application, a hold will be placed on your record. A "fee" link is provided on your online application allowing you to pay your fee online at a later date.

The graduation Application Fee is $76.50.