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About The Sport Clubs Program

The Sacramento State Sport Clubs Program is committed to developing student leaders and enhancing University pride through leadership opportunities, intercollegiate club competition, and campus involvement. Our Vision is to revolutionize the student experience through sports and leadership development.

Don't hesitate to contact us to become a Sponsor/Make a Donation, at (916) 278-6595.

Connect With Us:

Josh Mandel-Sonner (he/him)
Assistant Director, Student Organizations and Leadership

Jaclyn Crouch (she/her)
Sport Clubs Program Advisor

Sport Clubs Student Assistants:
Anju Osa (she/her)

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Student Feedback:

97% of sport club members reported that participating in a sport club enhanced their overall experience at Sacramento State.

95% of sport club members reported that traveling and competing on behalf of the University enhance their pride in Sacramento State.

87% of sport club members reported that being a member of a sport club impacted their decision to stay at Sacramento State and continue working towards their degree.

100% of Sport Club Presidents Reported that their role as a president:

  • Prepared them for future leadership roles
  • Prepared them for success in their career and future
  • Increased their sense of belonging at Sacramento State

Student Testimonies:

Mady shares the reasons why students should join a sport club:

“Sports clubs are one of the best ways for a student to become a part of the Sac State community. Sports Clubs allow you to continue living your dream of playing sports throughout your college career and experience many different leadership opportunities all at one time—it’s an awarding experience like no other.”
- Mady Coughran, Women’s Volleyball, Electrical Engineering Major, Class Of 2020

Sarah shares how her sport club experience has helped her grown as a leader:

Tremendously. I’ve learned a ton on communication, balance, time management and planning, people skills, delegation and commitment.”
- Sarah Armanino, Women’s Rugby Club, Social Work and Deaf Studies Major, Class of 2020

Annika & Joseph share how competing on behalf of the University has enhanced their college experience:

“Being able to put on a jersey that says Sacramento State on the front gives me a great sense of pride.”
- Annika Harder, Women’s Soccer Club, Graduate Student - Mathematics Major, Class of 2021

“Being able to compete for the University, I have gained lifelong friends and leadership capabilities that will be beneficial throughout life.”
- Joseph Platas, Wrestling Club, History Major, Class of 2020