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Emotional Health Resources

Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness Resources

Welcome to the Sacramento State Sport Clubs Athlete Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness Resource Center for sport and recreation clubs. Please use the sections on this page to explore a variety of mental/emotional health topics through videos, modules, fact sheets, and much more. For counseling, advice, wellness education, and support services, please visit

Student Health & Counseling Services Website

Balancing School, Sports, and Work 

As a student-athlete, it is common to struggle with balancing school, practice, club travel, work, etc. These tips can help you set priorities and find balance in your life in order to optimize your success in school and sport.

Tips for Balancing School, Sports and Work

Student Athlete Mental/Emotional Wellness

It is important to destigmatize mental illness and provide a safe space for all athletes to seek help for mental/emotional health concerns. These web-based videos and educational modules highlight the importance of creating an environment that values mental and emotional They also provide valuable insight to the unique challenges facing you as a student-athlete.

An Introduction to Mind, Body, and Sport Resource

In order to support your own mental/emotional wellness and your fellow student athletes’ mental/emotional wellness, it is important to understand the scope of the challenges that a student-athlete may experience. In “An Introduction to Mind, Body, and Sport,” former athletes, coaches, team physicians, and sports psychologists provide first-person stories and unique perspectives, covering a multitude of mental/emotional health issues and challenges facing student-athletes, such as injuries, disorders, transitioning to life after sport, and much more.

An Introduction to Mind, Body, and Sport

Fact Sheets to Support Mental/Emotional Wellness

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of emotional distress and mental illness. Below are some mental/emotional health educational materials and resources that can help you navigate mental/emotional health issues and effectively support one another.