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Club Days & Tabling

Club Days

For the first two weeks of every semester, SO&L hosts Club Days (Monday, August 28th - Thursday, Sept 7th). Many of our 250 student organizations set up tables or booths in the Library and Main Quads, the South Green Lawn in front of the WELL, and along the Shasta Hall walkway toward the Residence Halls to promote their semester activities and membership opportunities.

For club leaders, we take reservations for each semester at the Booth Selection Lottery, held the week or two before the semester starts. Booth location reservations are by lottery and are only taken at the event (a waitlist will be used following). All of the details and expectations for both Booth Lottery and Club Days are in the Student Organization Handbook.

Booth Lottery will be held on Monday, August 14th at 2 pm in the Redwood Room and clubs must complete the Club Days Contract.

Club Days Contract

Club Days Locations

Individuals needing reasonable accommodations for disability access are to contact SO&L at 916-278-6595, at least 5 business days before the event.

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Tabling for club information, events, and fundraisers all generally happen in the Library Quad. An approved club officer should meet with their SO&L Advisor to reserve a space and must do so if amplified sound, food/drink, and/or fundraising will be involved.

General Tabling - Library Quad Diagram