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Accelerated College Entrance Dual Enrollment Program Office of Undergraduate Studies

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On-campus Programs

To apply for the ACE program students should contact the ACE Director: Frank Lilly review the Sacramento State Catalog and the Class Schedule for next semester.

After identifying the course(s) in which they are interested and verifying that all prerequisites have been met, students should contact the ACE Office for the necessary application forms and to schedule an interview with the ACE Director.


Every prospective On-campus ACE student must interview with the Director. Students will present their transcripts and test scores if they have them. Students will be assessed for social-emotional intelligence in addition to their academic prowess in order to substantiate on-campus admission.

Semester Interviews Held In
Fall mid-August
Spring mid-January
Note: Some classes (i.e., Math) require departmental approval which may be an additional step in the application process.


Under a special agreement granted by Sacramento State University, the total cost for admission to the ACE program and registration is minimal. Contact the ACE Director for the fee. ACE students may take courses at this reduced fee until high school graduation, provided that they maintain good academic standing with both the university and their regular high school (i.e., GPA of 3.0 or higher).

Students are responsible for additional costs for items such as textbooks, One-Card (optional), parking, and class supplies, as well as for department-related fees and other University-related expenses.


Grades earned for ACE courses are part of students' academic records. Credits earned may be applied to degree programs at Sacramento State or may be transferred to other universities. ACE students must order transcripts like regular Sacramento State students.

In addition, ACE students receive the same privileges as regular University students:

  • Full library access (with the purchase of a OneCard)
  • Free public transportation in Sacramento (with the purchase of a OneCard)
  • Purchasing privileges at the Hornet Bookstore (books and computer products)
  • Use of computer labs on campus during open lab hours (with a OneCard)
  • Internet access including email Saclink
  • Student rates for admission to campus activities such as musical, theatrical, and athletic events


Decisions about classes rest with the ACE Director in consultation with the student and the academic departments. ACE participants are restricted to lower-division classes (001 to 098). Upper division courses are not permitted by system policy unless authorized. Students must meet all prerequisites listed in the Class Schedule and University Catalog. Selected courses must be academic and can't be remedial.

The Music Department requires an audition a semester before attending campus. Mathematic and Chemistry courses require assessment for approval by the respective Departments. All On-campus courses require the student to petition the professor for admission to their course and ACE Add/Drop Form with signatures of the respective instructor and Director.

Typically, a student is limited to one academic class the first semester. The second semester's course load will depend on past performance. To make sure students have the best opportunity for success, workloads are carefully monitored throughout the semester.

ACE Midterm Progress

Students must check in with the Director every two weeks while on campus for progress reports. Students must also download the Midterm Evaluation form below and present this to their instructor a week before spring break. The instructor is asked to return this form to the ACE Director via email.

ACE Midterm Evaluation


A valid CSUS parking permit is required by all vehicles parking on the Sacramento State campus. Parking regulations are enforced year round, 24 hours a day. Students can purchase a semester parking permit after registration is complete or may buy daily permits. Permits are valid only in the lot(s) specified, and having a parking permit does not guarantee the permit holder a parking space in any given area at any given time.

University Transportation & Parking Services