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2021 Senior Show Statements

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John Abrajano

Abrajano Transfer (view 1)

A city grid is an adaptable infrastructure. It can evolve into new territory and expand its growth. Plans are always changing; whether it is an addition or subtraction to the framework. My investigations of this grid and its adaptations are manifested into the captured images by everyday moments that become photographed into mind. Visual pathways through the work become streets creating transfers and transportation that explores the uncommon. Stopping and in motion through traffic lights and signals, balancing flow and travel venturing through territory connects architectural formations and marks. Each angle within the grid almost becomes a formality as each become familiar. A trace becomes destination. A pinpoint becomes home.

Carrie Pa Cha

My works are mostly digital or video medium that explores the way I can distort either found videos from the internet or my own recorded videos with overlapped, remixed creative common music. All my individual videos have a theme in visual content either by themselves or in tandem with other videos. Each video is an expression of what I think or experience these manifestations of the extracted and distorted elements or themes of my video and digital works.

Artwork by Sac State Senior Carrie Pang Cha

Elizabeth Cord

Artwork by Sac State Senior Elizabeth Cord

Experiences of transitions, growth and movement are central themes in my work. I use bright colors, patterns, many lines and abstracted figures as devices to create a visual world that references the shapes and spaces of celestial and cellular manifestations. This visual aesthetic is bold and dizzying, but contains elements of subtlety and rest. A comparison with and synthesis of ideas such as singularity and multiplicity, emergence and retreat are important elements for me to articulate. By using fundamental forms such as circles, cubes and spirals and applying color theory, the artwork communicates a sense of systematic chaos, mystery and beauty.

Mason Duarte

Mason Duarte

My artistic focus is largely inspired from the world around us. My main medium is clay, with the large body of my work being based on practical ceramic wares. Pottery creates a connection between a person and the space around us, we bring a reminder of a larger world around us. My art works to capture a section of our world and create a connect the viewer to the experience. My art is both an expression of humanity and our connection to each other and the world.

Alessandra Ensch

The pieces from this series focus on femininity and the way it operates in a domestic space. This body of work can awaken a memory within the viewer due to its dreamlike, soft qualities. The imagery in the painting looks so familiar and can be linked back to childhood and the warmth of a mother. Nonetheless, the imagery is also unfamiliar and peculiar due to how the textures and brushstrokes are repeated throughout the work to question the viewer how comfortable they are with the feminine in this role and what thoughts or memories of a person might arise.

Artwork by Sac State Senior Alessandra Ensch

Jacob Goodwin

Artwork by Sac State Senior Conor O'Hare

Engineering his ideas from the human condition, the effects of digital technology, nature vs. humanity as well as exploring textures of organic forms. His work encompasses the tension and duality of conflicting ideas and forces, working or battling to convey the idea of opposing forces, such as those we battle ourselves, in our daily lives as a metaphor for life. Working based of a tangent of ideas relating to his influences, many of his works are intuitively created, leaving room for other sprouting ideas or more creative flow.

Mao Moua

The pieces I have created are inspired 3D models and/or digital art from my life. The inspiration is drawn from my family’s agricultural business. The digital art is recreated from memories of laboring on the farm. The 3D models represent the time of day from morning to evening while working on the farm.

Artwork by Sac State Senior Mao Moua

Kori Ongaco

The works are my exploration between two mediums I enjoy the most, drawing on digital and painting with a colorful palette. These were born from the inner most part of my mind. The broad spectrum of what is beautiful but also in exploration of what is lost. It is difficult to describe in words at most because I let my hand work the painting and lines, what is first envisioned can change. Then what I do envision becomes as it is suppose to but with a small twist.

Artwork by Sac State Senior Kori Ongaco

Tyson Roberts

Untitled 04

In the paintings, the curious combination of rigid geometric shapes with spontaneous forms found in outdoor landscapes can appear to create a tension of contrasting concepts. The two reference points of technology and nature sometimes coalesce or dissolve and the struggle for one or the other to materialize more prominently in the works can be observed. Evidence of the shifting clarity, or obscurity, of either abrupt geometry or spacious outdoor environments is articulated in the reworking of these seemingly different components. The painting becomes a visual expression of an attempt to reflect upon the current era where a virtual technological presence exists within the landscape of outdoor space.

Peter Torres

Using New Media, I display a lot of the things that may cross my mind throughout a day. The images are landscape concepts of places that can exist. My vision is to mix reality with exaggeration, sci-fi, and a bit of surrealism. I enjoy experimenting with light and shadow and use them to help create a place that a viewer can experience. Giving a sense of scale and perspective for near and far distant scenarios feels important to me because it can help a viewer know where they are within the painting.

Peter Torres

Rachel Torres

This piece was inspired by feeling out of place with my cartoony and story-driven style in a fine art-based program. I have no grudges against my professors, though I have been told to try making my messages less obvious and to try making my work somewhat more abstract. This piece is my rebellion; I literally made my art “on the nose.”

Rachel Torres

Joni Valentin

I work with New Media art but in order for me to successfully do my digital artworks, I get support from drawing and painting as well. I'm always fond of using intense color and textural contrast, as well as light and shadow in my art works; it always fascinates me to see how the combination of this can make an object or scene lively. I get my inspiration from what's around us — nature, people, good and the bad, emotions — everything that is tangible and intangible.

Joni Valentin