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    The ceramic vessel featured on the front page was made by Joel Lumsden of Facilities Services. It is one of several pieces of Joel's art work placed around the campus. Obviously, Joel is multi-talented. Read about Joel and other ABA talents below.

QUESTION: What is your hidden talent?

Joel Lumsden, Facilities Services

"I have two degrees, one in Liberal Studies and the other in Fine Arts. I also have an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology, but my talent is that I sing - tenor. "

Joel Lumsden
Star Byles

Star Byles, Facilities Services

"I sing at weddings, funerals, concerts, and parties. It feeds my soul. I’m also a cake decorator. I’ve been doing it for about 40 years now."

Dawn Cooper, Financial Services

"I sew. I make Halloween costumes for kids and adults."

Dawn Cooper
Yavette Hayward

Yavette Hayward, Auditing Services

"I’m a gourmet cook. I like every aspect of cooking, from selecting the ingredients, to looking at cookbooks, to experimenting with new recipes. I cook something different every night."

Jason Johnston, Public Safety

"I coach my son’s soccer team. It takes a certain amount of talent and patience to deal with a team of 11 year-old boys."

Jason Johnston
Rudy Tamayo

Rudy Tamayo, UTAPS

"I draw pretty well, but my talent and passion is creating things. I recently took apart some old oak bunk beds (the wood was really nice), and created a playhouse for my kids, complete with a swing and tile roof. I like to recycle things so they don’t end up in a landfill somewhere."