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VOL.3 | ISSUE 2 | SPRING 2010

message from the vice president

VP Stephen Garcia

Vice President Stephen Garcia

In the last edition of ABA FOCUS, my message conveyed the importance of teamwork and efficient practices to help us through the lean budget times we are experiencing.  I want to reiterate this message, as we await news from the CSU and California’s Governor about the budget for 2010/11.

Our mission, to educate the youth of California and develop tomorrow’s leaders has never been more important. We need to graduate students who can address difficult issues with innovative ideas and solutions. And, the University community is dependent upon our division to provide many of the support services that sustain the educational process. We are not alone in the challenges we face, and the simple act of respect, compassion and consideration can make a world of difference to those we serve, and to each other.

Services to students and campus safety remain ABA's top priorities. Safety services encompass not only policing, but environmental health and safety for our students, faculty and staff. However, ABA provides a multitude of services that fundamentally impact the campus community and others, and we must do our best to continue those services unhindered.

With additional budget cuts anticipated for the upcoming year, it is not easy to imagine how we can continue the quality of services for which we are known. However, it is important to remember that we are the foundation of what will ultimately become our future, and the role we play is essential. So, while it may not be within our power to change economic conditions, the ability to create efficiencies wherever possible is within our reach. And, we can all be mindful of the impact of budget cuts on our students, faculty and staff, and act accordingly, with understanding and empathy.

Tough times are often opportunities for introspection about what is really important, and innovation often comes from the most trying of times. Since I joined the ABA community, I have been inspired by the intelligence and creativity of ABA’s managers and staff. And I am counting on you to help see us through.


Stephen G. Garcia
Vice President for Administration