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VOL.3 | ISSUE 2 | SPRING 2010


Kevin Brisco
Manager, Custodial Services

As manager of Custodial Services at Sac State for close to five years, Kevin Brisco brings an interesting perspective to leadership. Following his 1996 hire, he rose through the ranks to become “lead custodian” and “supervisor” then “manager.” Prior to that, he worked as a field representative for Coverall Cleaning Concepts, an international janitorial franchise, acting as the liaison between the company owner and customers. Kevin began his journey in this industry by owning/operating a janitorial business. In his view, working in private industry as an employee or a business owner is not so different from working on a campus, because in both worlds, – “You still have to please the customer.”



  • When I think of a leader, I envision an individual who heads a specific group of people for a specific purpose. The leader knows the goals of the group, keeps them on target, even as obstacles arise, and serves as an example.

  • The most inspirational leaders:
    • Are mentors: Those who provide instruction, direction and guidance
    • Provide professional opportunities to help others flourish
    • Understand the direction and operation of the department/campus
    • Understand the “human aspect” when dealing with constituents, but do not compromise responsibility
    • Believe in the direction of the organization, and make decisions based on that

  • To be successful, leaders should:
    • Understand the direction of the organization
    • Listen to and support staff
    • Lead by example
    • Treat staff equally
    • Use critical thinking skills
    • Reward positive behavior and correct negative behavior
    • Follow through with commitments

  • Effective communication skills are critical to my job, especially with such a large staff. This means not just talking to staff on a regular basis, providing direction, reviewing progress and providing support, but also listening to concerns and responding appropriately. It’s also critical to help staff understand the importance of their roles and how the campus benefits from what they do. 

  • To develop as a leader, I follow the example of successful leaders, adapted to my own style.  I also attend workshops and training sessions to develop professionally.
  • The greatest leadership challenge I have faced is leading in a changing culture. The basic human reaction is to continue to do what you have learned. When change is required, we all are capable of exhibiting resistance, hesitation and fear.  Change, however, is usually beneficial.   
  • A leader can positively impact others by truly believing in what they are part of and exhibiting that behavior openly, by communicating to staff the importance of their efforts and how they fit into the overall vision, and by praising positive efforts and behaviors.
  • Sac State’s motto Leadership begins here means that the Sacramento State community will exhibit positive leadership within, as well as produce the future leaders for our communities, our country, and the world in whole. I can help Sac State live up to its motto by exhibiting and encouraging leadership qualities, adhering to campus policies and procedures, and sharing the positive experiences that I have had here at Sac State.