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VOL.3 | ISSUE 2 | SPRING 2010


Image of Linda Reposa

Lynda Reposa
Student Financial
Functional Team Lead

How often have you said “Wow, I know you, I’m so glad to finally meet you!” when meeting a campus colleague in person? Many of us work together for years without ever meeting face-to-face. We hope to help close that gap through the ABA Staff Spotlight. In each newsletter, we will introduce a division staff member and tell you where they work and what they do.

What is your name, position and department or unit? Lynda Reposa, Student Financial Functional Team Lead, Student Financial Services Center

How long have you been with Sac State? Since November 1979

Describe your job? I serve as module lead for the CMS Finance-Accounts Receivable/Billing and Student Financial systems. These computer systems help us collect, refund and bill all campus users and students for various charges owed to the University. I have responsibility to set them up properly for departments across campus.

Who are your primary customers? Staff and students

Why would I call you? If we collect fees for your department, you would call me to set them up in the computer system or if changes are called for. Also, if you are in a department that works closely with these systems, you would call me to collaborate on improvements, reports or upgrades. If you are a student who is charged incorrectly, I can help correct the error in the system.

What do you like best about your job? The challenges that come with constant change

What is a favorite work memory? Working on the Student Financial System in the CMS Project Room in the AIRC during the two years when we were "bringing up" CMS Student Financials, because it was a different working environment than I had previously experienced.

What have you learned while working here? Change is inevitable. It will find you and you don’t have to seek it, so don’t run.

What makes Sac State different from other places? It feels like an extension of your family.

How do people contact you? Call 278-7436 or e-mail


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