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Award for Excellence Nominees
Excellence Award Nominees: Julie Carroll, Dominador Reculados,
Peggy Patrick, Jason Johnston, nominee and award recipient Norman
Kwong and Cacee Belton

This year, ABA's staff professionals stepped up efforts to recognize their colleagues, with close to 50 nominations submitted for the Staff Peer awards, a 20 percent increase over 2010.

Awardees and nominees were honored at the ABA Staff Professionals meetings on May 9 and 10, to ensure that all division staff could participate in applauding award recipients.

Vice President Mike Lee presented awards to recipients recommended by a team of staff peers representing ABA's various families, some of whom received awards in 2010. The categories and this years' winners include:

  • Customer Service: Debbie Smith, Accounts Payable
  • Excellence: Norman Kwong, Budget Planning & Administration
  • Positive Attitude: Jorge Chavez, Automotive Services
  • Problem Solver: Brian Geimer, Reprographics
  • Professionalism: Nancy McCarty, Accounting Services
  • Teamwork: Jayme Gutierrez, University Transportation & Parking Services

To view the full list of nominees and award recipient photos, click here



Linda Hafar Facilities Services RH 2011 Team Award Recipients Brian Sarantopulous VSP 2011 Awardee
Nooria Kakar 2011 VSP Awardee Thurman Watson 2011 VSP Awardee Fuey Seachao 2011 VSP Awardee Thomas J Moon 2011VPS Awardee

ABA's Leadership Peer awards represent valued staff and teams nominated by division managers. Managers also recognize their administrative peers across ABA. The 2010/11 Leadership Peer award went to Linda Hafar (pictured top left), in recognition of her efforts to advance sustainable practices on campus. Team awards went to the Facilities Services Residence Hall custodial team, the Risk Management Safety Team, and the expanded Capital Planning Team, which includes UEI personnel and industry consultants. Valued Staff Awards went to Brian Sarantopulous, Nooria Kakar, Thurman Watson, Fuey Saecho, Thomas Moon (starting at top right, pictured above clockwise), and Dale Clack, Robert Daclan, Candace Ensley and Norman Kwong. To view all of this years' photos, click here.


10-Year Awardees
10 Year Award recipients Cacee Belton, Lori Phillips, Hulan Martin, Karen Massey

25-Year Awardees
25 Year Award recipients Peggy Patrick, Priscilla Llamas-McKaughan, and Althea Spencer. Additional 25-year awards went to Francisco Ayran, Michael Gray, Richard Perry and Debbie Smith

ABA recognizes employees with 10 or more years of service to the University at an annual division event. This year, awards were presented at the ABA Social on June 3. ABA presented service pins and awards to over 30 long-time employees. Thomas Palmiter and David Keyser reached major milestones, and were honored for 30 and 35 years of service, respectively. Other recipients represented 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service to the Sacramento State. Those not pictured above include: 10 year award recipients, Lilian Batoon, Gregory Bolton, Michael Christensen, Feli Escobar, Carl Kimble, Gertrudes Lofing, Michael Mullen, Sara Niekamp, George Paine and Amy Trimmer; 15 year recipients, Suzanne Bracamonte-Iturriaga, Edna Chiu, Gina Curry, Linda Deegan, Peter Husman and James Oliver; 20 year recipients, Elena Larson, Robert Lobua, Joseph Reynolds and Larry Rich.



It's year-end, the ideal time to say thanks to those who have helped and supported you throughout the year. The ABA Thank-You Blog, accessible to all ABA staff members, is a great way to let everyone know about the teamwork that makes ABA such a great place to work. Using the Blog, you can post a quick and easy thank you message to the person of your choice. An alert will be sent by e-mail to the recipient. Don't let a good opportunity go to waste.

To learn more about the ABA recognition programs, visit the ABA Recognition Program page.