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Vice President Mike Lee

Ming-Tung “Mike” Lee
Vice President and CFO (Interim)

At the end of another academic and fiscal year, the state's economic condition remains uncertain. Despite this situation, we are well advised to remain optimistic. System-wide leaders and others are involved in an ongoing campaign to advocate for favorable budget outcomes for the CSU. And, President Gonzalez recommends "that we prepare for the worst but advocate for the best."

In times like these, our only option is to view difficulties as “opportunities for improvement.” This perspective can help us move forward, survive and hopefully thrive. In ABA, I want to focus on those things we can do to strengthen the organization with limited financial resources.

Maintaining an attitude of service and a climate of respect and community costs nothing, but it can help us, even in the most difficult of times. How we treat those we serve can have an enormous impact. A nurturing environment for students can mean the difference between success and failure. An understanding and helpful approach with faculty, student and community customers can diminish frustration with our regulatory constraints and staffing shortages. Moreover, how we treat our workplace colleagues will create the climate in which we live much of our day-to-day lives. Working together, we can produce an environment where challenges can be overcome through dedication to teamwork and success.

"Fostering Community at Sacramento State," the University Convocation held earlier this semester, is a good example of an "all campus" effort with similar aims. I hope you had an opportunity to attend, but if you did not, there will be occasions for participation in the future. Recommendations included engaging faculty, staff and students, promoting civil conduct, and continuing campus-wide dialogues through themed events. More details of the Convocation Committee’s report are available here.

Over the years, ABA has developed a strong culture of engagement which will help to us navigate through the coming year. This positive attitude and a focus on essential services, financial stability and a commitment to safety and compliance, will be the key to our continuing success.


Mike Lee
Vice President and CFO (Interim)