Additional Resources for Philosophy 4
Critical Thinking


Extra Reading Materials

If you were to pick up most any other textbook on critical thinking, you could read about the same topics we are covering, but you'd get to view them from another author's perspective, which can be helpful. Other textbooks can be found in the library, or by visiting the bookstore and seeing what other instructors of critical thinking are using.

But before doing that, I recommend first that you work the self tests within SacCT, and study the textbook's answers to the concept checks, and study the answers to the end of chapter questions.


Study tips

You must be able to apply your critical thinking skills and knowledge to new examples, problems, issues and situations. That means you shouldn't study by trying to memorize anything word for word. Also, you won't see any of the same problems a second time; you will be facing new problems on the tests. The best way to study is to practice the skill, not memorize the examples.