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Source Analyses --> Audience

At the end of each unit for which you are NOT writing an Observation Report, you must submit an analysis of an additional source listed for that unit, described to address the concerns of a person mentioned in a scenario from one of the application exercises for that unit. Most of these sources are available (A) in the recommended books available at the bookstore and at the library's reserve collection, a few of which are posted on SacCT, or (B) directly on-line from various web sites; and each unit contains one or two films available (C) at the library media center. NOTE: half a dozen student Source Analyses will be assigned as readings for the final TRA and application exercise.

One word of CAUTION: the shortest sources are often more difficult to summarize.

Intended Audience

Think of your audience for these observation report as one of the people mentioned in scenarios for application exercises for the relevant unit. This will usually be someone who is interested in some question or issue related to Buddhist tradition, but who has not studied Buddhism in an academic context. This person has some reason to be curious about

(A) what the people associated with the source you read actually did, thought about and felt;

(B) the way what they did inspired their thoughts & feelings, which in turn heightened their engagement in what they did; and

(C) how the practice & reflection associated with that source compares to evidence of Buddhist practice & reflection found in other sources.

The Source Analysis Worksheet (SAW) guides you in generating a list of questions to answer when analyzing an assigned source with these issues in mind. You will then use the material generated by your responses on this worksheet to create a more cohesive, 3 page explanatory letter intended for the above reader. Also keep in mind that your audience may include other students in the class: half a dozen student observation reports will be assigned as readings for application exercises in Units 2 & 4 and for the final TRA.

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