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Source Analyses --> Step 2

At the end of each unit for which you are NOT writing an Observation Report, you must submit an analysis of an additional source listed for that unit, described to address the concerns of a person mentioned in a scenario from one of the application exercises for that unit. Most of these sources are available (A) in the recommended books available at the bookstore and at the library's reserve collection, a few of which are posted on SacCT, or (B) directly on-line from various web sites; and each unit contains one or two films available (C) at the library media center. NOTE: half a dozen student Source Analyses will be assigned as readings for the final TRA and application exercise.

One word of CAUTION: the shortest sources are often more difficult to summarize.

Step 2: Peer Review & Analysis of Comments

Submit the completed SAW via the appropriate link under the Assignments tab in SacCT on the Sunday immediately following the last class of the unit to which your source relates (see schedule). Then bring a printed version of the form to class on Tuesday, where you will exchange it with a peer and receive comments on it, regarding BOTH

  • skillful choice of evocative passages, exceptionally clear description of what precedes and follows, precise overview and claim, and/or insightful comparison with other source(s); AND
  • incomplete quotation or missing citation of passages, inadequate description of what precedes and follows passages, imprecise overview &/or claims, incomplete or unclear comparison with other source(s); and anything else you don't understand or that you think may not be accurate.

After reading over your comments, write 3-5 sentences (at the end or on the back) explaining

  • which comments seemed most helpful, noting omissions or imprecision identified;
  • what other omissions or imprecisions you noticed in your SAW from rereading it; and
  • what you plan to do about the omissions and imprecisions identified.

CAUTION: Full review of the SAW, attached to the final product (see step 3) with a minimum of *2 markings/comments per page* and an *analysis of comments* on the back, will receive 10 out of the total number of points for the assignment. NO PARTIAL CREDIT will be given; unreviewed or incomplete forms will MARKED WITH A ZERO.

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