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EOB = The Experience of Buddhism

BIP = Buddhism in Practice

BSI = Buddhist Saints in India


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Source Analyses --> Step 1

At the end of each unit for which you are NOT writing an Observation Report, you must submit an analysis of an additional source listed for that unit, described to address the concerns of a person mentioned in a scenario from one of the application exercises for that unit. Most of these sources are available (A) in the recommended books available at the bookstore and at the library's reserve collection, a few of which are posted on SacCT, or (B) directly on-line from various web sites; and each unit contains one or two films available (C) at the library media center. NOTE: half a dozen student Source Analyses will be assigned as readings for the final TRA and application exercise.

One word of CAUTION: the shortest sources are often more difficult to summarize.

Step 1: Source Analysis Worksheet

Choose one of the **ADDITIONAL** sources and highlight important passages that seem most clearly related to the mutual influence of practice and reflection. Then download and complete the Source Analysis Worksheet (SAW) provided here (PDF|MS Word), which asks you to

(A) what kind of source you have chosen, what kind of audience might be interested in it, and examples of practice & reflection embedded in three different parts of it;

(B) the way the examples chosen in A would address the concerns of the audience; and

(C) similarities and differences between your chosen source and one of the primary sources assigned for Application Exercises during the same unit of the course.

CAUTION: A completed SAW will receive 15 out of the total number of points for the assignment. NO PARTIAL CREDIT will be given; incomplete forms will be MARKED WITH A ZERO. Note that thoughtful responses on the worksheet will positively influence scoring of the final product (see step 3).

Due Date

As listed on the schedule, an SAW will be due on the Tuesday **AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS** just after the end of the corresponding unit (see schedule). for which you are NOT turning in an Observation Report. For example, the SAW for your chosen Unit 1 reading (see additional sources) will be due the Tuesday just after the end of Unit 1 (i.e., the beginning of unit 2). You must also post an electronic version by the end of the same day, via the appropriate link in the Assignments tab in SacCT.

Trial Source Analysis (optional, for extra credit)

If you wish to try completing a source analysis for materials related to the introductory unit of the course, you may receive up to 10 points for doing so no later than the FOURTH week of the course. Choose from the following readings:

  1. "...Androgynous...Buddhism"..."Living as a Nun" (EOB 10.3,10.5.2 *&* 10.6: 347-49, 353-54, 358-61)
  2. "The Buddha's Birthday" *&* "Engaged Buddhists in California" (EOB 10.4 *&* 7: 349-51, 362-65)
  3. "Telephone Mindfulness" *&* "Guided Meditation" (EOB 10.5,.1 *&* 2: 351-53, 355-58)
  4. "Introduction" to The Legend...of Upagupta (LCU, 3-11)
  5. "Prayer for...the Dalai Lama" (BIP, ch.9: 133-38)
  6. "Chinese Pilgrimage Songs" (BIP, ch.10: 139-44)
  7. "Introduction" to Buddhist Saints in India (BSI, 3-10)
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