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Art 116 : Topics in Modern & Contemporary Art 116
Glory Days: The Art of Greater Sacramento in the 1960s and ‘70s

Art 116, Fall 2014
W 3-5:50 pm
Kadema 170

Professor: Elaine O'Brien Ph.D.
Office: Kadema 190
Hours: Tu 3-4:30; W 6-7 pm
Email: eobrien@csus.edu

Course description:
This topics seminar focuses on the art of the Greater Sacramento region in the 1960s and ‘70s when Civil Rights Movements – with a major center at UC Berkeley - led to demands for equity hiring and admission practices in California’s massive higher education system.
A new kind of artist - populist, feminist, African-American, Native American, and Chicano – came to teach in the state’s art departments, and the art they made and taught was at the cutting edge of the postmodern art world wide as it entered the contemporary era of decolonization. In Europe and the United States what we have had is internal decolonization: the so-called Rise of the Rest. Readings focus on the situation for artists in our own region in the sixties and seventies, the work of individual artists, art schools and art institutions like Sac State and UC Davis, the early Artforum magazine, the Candy Store and Belmonte Galleries, and Pacific Western Traders. We will host guest artists from the period and take field trips to regional museums, including the Oakland Museum to see Fertile Ground: Art and Community in California. The seminar research project is to work directly with artwork in the Sacramento State University collection. Each student selects an artwork from the collection and writes an art historical catalog essay about it to be published in the online catalog.

Course Prerequisites: Upper-division or graduate status; completion of the University’s Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement; completion of Art 1B, Art 1C or equivalent; and an upper-division course in a related subject area or instructor’s permission.






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