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Office: Mendocino Hall, 5034
Campus ZIP: 6070
E-mail: stoner1@csus.edu (the best way to reach me)

Office Hours: FALL 2015 
Monday 10-11 AM
; Tuesday, 4-5 PM; Wednesday 10-11 AM  (Skype by app't.)
Class schedule FA 2015:

COMS 5 sec 20 (84011)

Communication Experience


12:00PM -1:15PM

MND 4000

COMS 100B sec 1 (83611)

Critical Analysis of Messages


1:30PM - 2:45PM

MND 1030

COMS 222 sec 1 (84485)

Instruct. Comm. Practicum


6:00PM - 8:50PM

MND 1020

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Recent Presentations:

5 July 2015 "A Context, a Concept and a Concern". Address to open the faculty convocation of the College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. (video)

4-5 August 2014.
"Misplaced Management Theory in a Massive System of Higher Education: Text, Context and Reconstructive Loop
at The Fourteenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations. Said Business School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

For copy of full conference paper, click here

21 September 2012.
Reframing, recontextualizing and the social reconstruction of higher education in California, USA

Summary paper for ECER 2012 symposium, Policy Studies and Politics of Education (Cadiz, Spain),

July 2011

Presentation at the 18th International Learning Conference, Mauritius (Univ. of Mauritius)

Carrington College Faculty Development Workshop Material (October 2010 ) PDF

2009 March Durham University, UK.  CeTL/PostGraduate module.  "PowerPoint: Affordances, constraints and work arounds."

2007 August Folsom Lake Community College Faculty Convocation  "Teaching Problems."   (Text version); Podcast (mp3) (Audio version)

2007 February Western States Communication Association Master Teacher Award; Acceptance presentation                                                   "Socially Constructing 'Master Teacher'."

Recent essays:

Mandeville, D. & Stoner, M. (2015). Assessing the effect of problem-based learning on undergraduate student learning in biomechanics.
              Journal of College Science Teaching, 41, 1, pp. 92-101.

Stoner, M., Rautiainen, M., Moisio, O-P & Green, C. (2014). The “Finnish Miracle” in Education: Pedagogy, Policy, or Something Else? Part
             One. National Teaching & Learning Forum, 23, 3, pp. 8-10.  Contact Mark Stoner for a copy. (stoner1@csus.edu)

Stoner, M., Rautiainen, M., Moisio, O-P & Green, C. (2014). The “Finnish Miracle” in Education: Pedagogy, Policy, or Something Else? Part
             Two. National Teaching & Learning Forum, 23, 4, pp. 5-7.  Contact Mark Stoner for a copy. (stoner1@csus.edu)

Stoner, M., Higgins, S. & Bonilla, D. (2012) Cracking our own codes: Creating instruction for increased clarity and appropriate control.
             The International Journal on  Learning (18
), pp. 229-247.  Follow-up project in process:  Epistemic Cultures and Instructional
. We are working on modeling a third dimension for the analytical tool we presented in Cracking our own codes....  We invite
             you to play with a beta version of the tool here:
http://hypergraphia.com/IDT/    Any data you provide would be helpful to the project.

Less recent essays:

Stoner, M. (2007). PowerPoint in a new key. Communication Education, 56, 354-381.

Stoner, M. (2007). Uncovering the powers within PowerPoint. Communication Currents, 2 (4).

Halgas, J. & Stoner, M. (2007). Partnership in practice: Fostering a mentoring relationship to meet the challenges of a large legal environment
of business class. Journal of Legal Studies Education, 24, 109-127.

Ah Yun, K., Papa, R, & Stoner, M. (2006). Disseminating STEM teaching practices: The role of centers for teaching and learning. Metropolitan
               Universities Journal, 17, 66-76.

Stoner, M. (2005).  Instant discussions: High level, student constructed and concept driven The Successful Professor,  4, 11-13.

Stoner, M. "I Never Thought Like This Before!": Apprenticing Critical Thinking

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