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Blended Science Methods & Conceptual Physics

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Project Rationale

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hp logo2005 hp Technology for Teaching Grant Project Blended Science Methods and Conceptual Physics

Principal Investigators: Lynn Tashiro, Department of Physics and David Jelinek, Department of Teacher Education

B. Project Abstract: In 2005 CSU Sacramento received an HP Technology for Teaching grant to help prepare aspiring teachers to take the content they learn in physical science and translate that into classroom teaching that works with children. The project implements mobile technology into a newly piloted "blended" K-8 teacher credential program to integrate Physics and Science Methods.The project will be accomplished through an interactive approach that engages the student from the first stage of acquiring science knowledge as a learner to the design of a science unit as a teacher. Mobile technology will allow interaction with real world science and access to science content and pedagogy resources on an "as-needed" basis.

Project Implementation

D. Pedagogy - How has instruction changed?

E. Technology - How has technology been used?

Technology Examples

Project Impact

F. Teaching - What is the evidence that teaching has changed?

G. Student Learning - What is the evidence that student learning has improved?

Evidence of Student Learning

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