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VOL.3 | ISSUE 1 | SUMMER 2009

message from the vice president

ABA’s focus on communication and teamwork has never been more critical. As today’s economic challenges persist, the country, the state, the University, and each of us faces unprecedented change. Adapting to change is rarely easy. As we wrestle with reduced budgets, staffing deficiencies, furloughs and their impacts, it is in our best interests and that of our students to practice teamwork – working together toward the most positive outcomes. It is important to remember that virtually no-one is untouched by these challenges, and that maintaining open lines of communication will create the best climate to help us weather the storm. ABA’s Shared Code of Conduct, a reminder of our core values, is now more important than ever.

ABA will continue to focus on its goals, with a particular emphasis on communication and the sharing of strategies to improve our processes. This will help us provide the best quality service to students and lessen the impact of “waste” on employee workloads. This means eliminating redundancies, re-work and other forms of “non-value added” activities, where we can: In other words, streamlining operations through LEAN practices.

In this issue, you can read more about LEAN, including suggestions proposed by ABA Staff Professionals, practices adopted by ABA units, and articles featuring the thoughts, ideas and accomplishments of your ABA colleagues.

There is no doubt that the current environment will test us beyond measure – both personally and professionally.  The key to our success is in the competence and integrity of ABA’s staff and the cohesive team that we have built. We will continue to seek your input, through coffees, staff professional meetings, and unit and department meetings, to help us meet the challenges ahead. 


Stephen G. Garcia
Vice President for Administration