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VOL.3 | ISSUE 1 | SUMMER 2009

aba's roving reporter

What strategies do you use to effectively do more with less?

Lincoln Beatty, Custodian, Facilities Services

"I coordinate my work routine making sure my priorities are done first, and I team up with my co-workers to achieve work assignments."


Pamela Elbeck, Account Technician, Accounts Payable

"I start with the right attitude and listen to the whole matter. I ask myself, 'How can I make this better?' instead of pointing the finger at someone. I look for alternatives to effectively do something differently; there are many ways to go around the mountain."


Leah Davis, Administrative Support Coordinator, Procurement

"Communicate via email to reduce the cost of printing. Use common sense when you're ordering products - order only what you really need. Recycle office supplies by communicating your need with other offices and sharing or exchanging items."

Leah Davis


Greg Paul, Help Desk Specialist, Facilities Services

"Work smarter, collaborate with other people. We definitely have team aspects in Facilities Services, which helps."

Greg Paul


Suzanne Bracamonte, Admin. Analyst/Specialist, Public Safety

"I verify inconsistencies so I don't have so much rework, I set my priorities for the day and try to keep to them. Teaming up with others always helps."