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Teaching and Learning Mentors & Consultations

Mentorship Opportunities

Thinking About Teaching Together

The faculty in our mentoring group have demonstrated interest and ability in teaching and are skilled in helping you think about, plan, conduct and self-assess your own teaching. Our goal is to help you be the kind of instructor you wish to be; we do not promote any single model of teaching. The relationship is collegial and assistive; you control the direction and amount of effort invested in your teaching. This is our current Mentor Roster

To establish contact with a mentor from our group, please complete a request for mentorship form below:Request for Mentorship

If you wish to view the observation protocol you can download the Observation Form mentors use.

You can expect to receive a response within a week. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at or call our offices at (916) 278-5945.

Individual & Department Consultations

Dr. Lynn M. Tashiro, Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning, and faculty mentors (see Faculty Mentoring Faculty for a current list) are available to meet with individual faculty from all disciplines in private, confidential settings.

Departmental Consultations are available through the director. Workshops are tailored to your department's needs. Individual/Department Consultation topics may include:

  • Enhancing student engagement
  • Expanding teaching methods
  • Managing classroom practices
  • Creating and revising existing courses
  • Improving student-faculty interaction
  • Matching lectures to tests to study guides
  • Interpreting student feedback
  • Formative self-assessment

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call our Administrative Coordinator Som Sayasone at 278-5945.

Faculty Associate Program

The CTL Faculty Associate Program supports faculty to manage and lead teaching and learning initiatives and projects for the university that are in alignment with the mission of Sacramento State. Core programs and projects led by faculty associates include the Summer Teaching Institute, New Faculty Orientation, Faculty Mentoring, Open Educational Resources, and Quality Assurance for Online Courses. Each faculty associate has budgetary, grant writing, and faculty learning community facilitation responsibilities. Up to 6 units of release time are awarded pending available grant resources. All CSU faculty are welcome to apply as opportunities for projects and initiatives are advertised. Appointments are for one year, but faculty may reapply annually. An average of three faculty associate positions are awarded per year.

To apply to the CTL Faculty Associate Program: