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Catalog Editing 2024-2025

If your office has content that needs to be updated for the upcoming academic year, the 2025-2026 Catalog will be open for edits from TBD. We encourage all offices to review their catalog content at this time for relevancy and accuracy:

Please be advised that edits to any catalog content pertaining to curriculum (programs and courses) must be submitted through Curriculum Workflow for curricular review.

If you have edited catalog content before, you may log into the CourseLeaf system and begin editing as of TBD. If you are new to the catalog editing process and have content that needs to be edited, please reach out to We will verify your access with the appropriate departments and offices as well as offer you training!

If you are in need of assitance, please email to set up one-on-one training or check out our Catalog Editing PDF guide.

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