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CHRS Recruiting: Training Resources

CHRS Recruiting is now LIVE.

A series of virtual office hours to help aid the transition to this new process are as follows:

Staff/MPP Recruitments: Offered Office Hours concluded on October 26. If you would like to schedule an individual consultation on CHRS Recruitment for Staff/MPP recruitments, please let us know at

Virtual office hours are supplemented by the user guides and videos below.

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Before You Start

Staff/MPP Recruitments

Before you begin your work on the Job Card, please ensure you have completed these first crucial steps:

  • Obtain an approved Position Description from Classification & Compensation. You will need this to fill out the Job Card.
  • Contact Budget Planning & Administration at to confirm information regarding the position number for this recruitment.
    • For replacement positions, confirm the position number is active.
    • For new positions, ask that a position number be created in CMS/PeopleSoft.

About Position Numbers:

Position numbers that have been vacant for an extended period of time may have been inactivated and will not appear in CHRS Recruiting. The Budget Planning & Administration office is able to reactivate these position numbers when notified. Position numbers updated/created by Budget Planning & Administration will take a day to populate in CHRS Recruiting.

Faculty Recruitments

Review Inclusive Hiring Toolkit/Recruitment Resources on the Office of Faculty Advancement's website.

CHRS Recruiting User Roles

Roles in CHRS Recruiting have been assigned based on campus positions, permissions, and functionality. Users may only hold one role in CHRS Recruiting.

  • Active Employees will default to “Search Chair Plus” user role, which will allow them to serve as a search committee chair on necessary recruitments when named in the initiation process.
  • MPP Employees and Department Chairs will be automatically provisioned “Hiring Manager Plus” user role, which will grant them additional access and capabilities in CHRS Recruiting necessary for completing hiring tasks. Hiring Managers will not need to submit requests to gain this user role.
  • Staff in departments who work on recruitments may be granted Department Admin Plus or HR Business Partner Plus roles through the CARS Request process.
    • Department Admin Plus is designed for users performing functions on recruitments such as initiating Job Cards, moving applicants to different Application Statuses, scheduling interviews in the Events Module, and launching Offer Cards to start the job offer process.
    • HR Business Partner Plus, also granted through the CARS Request process, is similar, but with slightly greater visibility needed primarily for Faculty Recruitments.
    • Requests for the Department Admin Plus and HR Business Partner Plus must be made via the CARS request process and will be reviewed by HR and OFA to determine if appropriate.

End-to-End Training (Dec 2022)

Campus Overview (July 27-29, 2021)

Staff/MPP - Initiate Job Card

Faculty - Initiate Job Card

Staff/MPP - Search Committee: Uploading Documents

Staff/MPP - Search Committee: Changing Statuses

Faculty - Search Committee Members

Faculty - Search Committee Chair

Faculty - Initiating Offer Card

Staff - Events Module

Approvers - Job and Offer Cards