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Telecommuting FAQs

Updated: 01/26/2024


How can employees submit requests to telecommute?

The request process is transitioning to OnBase; however, the Acrobat Sign process will still be available until March 31, 2023. Links to both processes can be found on the HR Telecommuting webpage. On April 1, 2023, all new telecommuting requests must go through the OnBase platform.

For what time period will Telecommuting Agreements be approved?

When submitting a new telecommuting agreement, the requested telecommuting timeframe should be limited to a 6-month timeframe, or an absolute maximum of a one-year timeframe, from the approved Telecommuting Start Date.

REMEMBER: Your start date depends on your discussion with your Appropriate Administrator/MPP. The end date should be within six (6) months of the requested start date, but it cannot be past one (1) year from that start date!

Does the VP/Dean need to review the form?

Short answer: No, not as part of the formal workflow. However, the Appropriate Administrator should obtain approval through discussion with their leadership structure [all the way up to VP/Dean] before signing the Telecommuting Agreement. In other words: when ELR sees an Appropriate Administrator’s signature on the form, ELR takes that as VP/Dean approval/endorsement of the operational feasibility of the request.

Do I need to keep reattaching my Position Description (PD) each time?

Yes! This is part of the terms of the program and we need a complete [signed and classified!] PD for each individual request. If you can't find your PD (and it has not changed), log into your Acrobat Sign library, and the last telecommuting form should be there - it includes the PD. So, then you can SaveAs and manipulate the pages to only grab the PD. If you need help with this, reach out to IRT for assistance.

Can employees who aren't in ‘participating employee groups’ telecommute?

No, only participating employee groups are eligible to participate in the program. Information on 'participating employee groups' can be found on the CSU Telecommuting Program - Sac State Campus webpage. [NOTE: Student employees are not eligible for this program.]

Why aren't student employees eligible to participate in the program?

Student employees are not regular employees (i.e., student employees during the academic year are limited to working hours, are not eligible for employee benefits, CalPERS retirement, or unemployment benefits).

If Telecommuting Agreement not approved, can employee work from home?

No. Employees are only approved to telecommute if they have received formal notice from Human Resources/Employee & Labor Relations. Absent that notice, employees must work on-site.

The form is not user friendly – can you please change it?

No, the Telecommuting Agreement form was negotiated and agreed to by CSUEU & APC, so Sacramento State cannot change the form.

How can I capture that I am working alternate days on/off site?

Use the work schedule table in Part I of the form to express that a particular day(s) will be ALT & then follow up with more details in Part II. When using the OnBase form, use the Employee Duties section (second tab) to explain which days will be alternate.

Is another form needed just for Campus Summer Hours?

No need to have multiple forms just to account for Campus Summer Hours. There is an optional check-box you can select to indicate you plan to work Campus Summer Hours.