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Concur for Mobile

Concur for Mobile is an optional tool that allows users to book travel, capture receipts, and work with expense reports from a smartphone or mobile device.


  • Create and submit accurate expense reports instantly from a smartphone.
    No more copying or taping paper receipts. Concur’s mobile application lets you use a smartphone camera to capture and attach a receipt to your expense report.
  • Quickly process expense reports from anywhere.
    Approvers can use their mobile device to review, approve or reject expense reports while they’re out of the office, reducing the time to reimbursement and gaining real-time views into spend.


Guide Updated
Android July 2021
Apple iPhone July 2021

Mobile App FAQs

  • How is Concur's mobile app useful? The solution enables business travelers to access important travel and expense information when it isn't easy to use a laptop that's connected to the Internet, such as in the back of a cab or in a meeting. Concur's mobile app is a natural extension of Concur's full-featured, web-based service. With the mobile app, travelers can manage trips and expenses, and add items such as taxis, hotels, and rental cars – all from a mobile device.
  • Does the mobile app offer the same functionality as Concur's full-featured, web-based service? This app is a mobile companion to Travel & Expense – offering the flexibility to perform tasks from a mobile device. While it complements Concur's end-to-end solution functionality, it does not contain full functionality.
  • Which mobile devices can be used with the mobile app? Currently, the app can be used with the BlackBerry, Android, iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Find the Concur Mobile Registration in Concur Travel and Expense under Profile.
  • Is there a fee for the mobile app? No. There is no additional charge to install or use the mobile app.
  • How does Concur ensure that personal information remains secure? Concur's mobile app is designed to conduct transactions without transmitting sensitive credit card or other personal data. Clients' credit card information stays in Concur's secure data center only – not on the mobile device.
  • How does a user install Concur's mobile app? The mobile app can be downloaded from the smart devices’ app store. Find the Concur Mobile Registration in Concur Travel and Expense under Profile.
  • Can my delegate manage my expenses and reports via the mobile app? The mobile app does not support delegates or proxies.
  • Can a user capture an image of the receipt and attach the image to the expense? Yes. All receipt images, captured by the mobile device's camera, will upload into Travel & Expense immediately or the next time the mobile app connects to the Internet.
  • With Concur's mobile app, can a traveler manage his/her trip itinerary? A traveler can view his/her itineraries, with details about flights, hotels, rental cars, vendors, and maps. All device users can search for and book rental car, hotel, and Amtrak (flights cannot be booked using the mobile app).
  • Can a traveler change his/her itinerary? Yes. A traveler can change his/her itinerary such as add or cancel hotels, taxis, or rental cars. Flight information cannot be changed using the mobile app.
  • Can a traveler restrict the search to see only hotel properties that support e-receipts? No, hotels that provide e-receipts will be in search results but will not be noted.
  • Which Travel Request features are available using Concur's mobile app? A Travel Request Approver can use Concur's mobile app to view header, segment, and expected expense information as well as images. The approver can then approve the travel request or send it back to the travel request user.