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Public Works Program

Projects which involve the erection, construction, alteration, painting, repair or improvement of any State structure, building, road, or other improvement of any kind are considered Public Works Projects.

Public Works Projects on the Sacramento State campus are managed by the Facilities Planning and Construction Services Division in the Facilities Management Department.

The Contract Specialists in the Procurement and Contract Services Office has been delegated the authority to develop, execute and administer the public works contracts and the public works related services agreements for the campus.

Questions regarding campus public works/construction projects can be directed to Suzanne Swartz, Contract Management Specialist, 916-278-5797 or

Public Works FAQ

Public Works Bids

Bid B220004 RFQual Athletic Field Improvements CDB

PW2200012 Art Sculpture Lab (ASL)

PW220003 JOC Telecom Contract 2022

PW220005 JOC Roofing Contract 2022

Bid #PW220002 JOC Flooring Contract 2022

Bid #PW220001 Job Order Contract 33, 34, 35, 36

RFQ #B210001 Task Order Construction Multi Projects

Bid #PW210001 Telecom Data Wiring Services 2021

Bid #PW200012 2021Job Order Contract 30, 31, 32

RFQ B200004 Art Sculpture Lab CM at Risk

Bid #PW200010 2020 Solano Hall Elevator