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Public Works FAQ

Question: Does California State University, Sacramento have a mailing list/bidders list of contractors?

Answer: No, but bidders can access bids in the Public Works Section on the Procurement and Contract Services webpage:

Question: What is the bid threshold for construction projects?

Answer: $5,000.00 and above.

Question: When is advertising required for Public Works Projects?

Answer: Projects are advertised on the California State Contracts Register through the State of California Cal eProcure system and through PlanetBids. The University may choose not to advertise projects with an estimated cost of $333,000.00 or below.

Question: Do you require prequalification for each construction bid?

Answer: Only major capital outlay bids ($752,000.00 or above) require prequalification. All prequalification requests are handled by the CSU Chancellor's Office and not by the University.

Question: How can I obtain a bid packet?

Answer: Information for obtaining a bid package is included in the Notice to Contractors for each project available on the Procurement and Contract Services website or the California State Contracts Register.

Question: How can a Small Business or DVBE be included as a subcontractor on projects?

Answer: Procurement and Contract Services maintains a list of California Certified Small, Micro and Disabled Veteran businesses who are willing to subcontract on projects. This list is provided to prime contractors as requested. If you are interested in participating as a subcontractor email your request to the Public Works Contract Management Specialist, Shon Tilby at