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Employee Spotlight


Kathleen Paclibar, CPPB

How long have you been with Sac State?

I just celebrated my 3-year anniversary with Sac State this February. I started about 6 weeks before we went virtual – definitely, not how I imagined my first year to go – but it’s been an unforgettable journey ever since. Sac State is a beautiful campus, and it is so nice to see the campus lively again.

Who are your primary customers?

My primary customers are spread throughout the campus community – all of the various departments that have any acquisition or contracting needs – and extend to external entities such as vendors, community partners, other universities, state and local agencies, etc.

How would you define your role on campus?

I’ve recently transitioned to a Contract Specialist in Procurement and Contract Services. As a Buyer previously, I’ve familiarized myself with the CSU General Provisions and Contracts and Procurement policy and have been able to carry that level of analysis over in my work in my new role, which involves contract administration, including facilitating the process, development, negotiation, and execution of University contracts and agreements.

I serve as a liaison between our campus departments and any external entities we are looking to establish an agreement with. I work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to coordinate the execution of the various contract requirements needed to support the overall mission and goals of the University. This includes exercising best practices and ensuring that the development and administration of business contracts are executed in compliance with University and CSU policies. Our department has delegated authority to obligate University resources such as committing University funds, resources, expertise, facilities, or supplies, negotiating terms and conditions, and signing contractual documents.

What makes you passionate about your work/duties?

What I’ve enjoyed most, as my responsibilities have evolved, is the variety of agreement types that I come across. Every day and every agreement are different, so it definitely keeps things interesting, and I enjoy the challenge. I love that my position provides me with the opportunity to help others and work collaboratively to accomplish campus needs.

In your position, what are some of the biggest challenges faced, or rewards found?

It can be challenging juggling multiple priorities of various complexities concurrently, especially when there is so much variety in the types of agreements we handle, on top of the volume of agreements handled by our department overall. I understand it can be frustrating for our stakeholders when situations such as negotiation efforts can really extend the contract process. I try to be mindful of departments’ needs while maintaining fair, ethical, and professional business practices. However, it is the most rewarding when we are able to finally find a solution that is beneficial to all parties involved and execute an agreement that ultimately serves and benefits the campus and our students.

Could you please talk about some of your recent accomplishments? It was mentioned you are getting certified, and we would like to know more!

I just received my Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) certification in October 2022, from the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC). It is a professional goal I’ve been working on since 2017 when I was first made aware of the opportunity. Since then, I have been actively taking education and training opportunities to supplement my work and meet the eligibility requirements for the certification. The eligibility requirements include a combination of formal education, experience in public procurement, and coursework/training related to the practice of procurement. The CPPB Exam is held twice a year and is a comprehensive assessment covering six domain areas as identified in the CPPB Body of Knowledge, representing common skills, knowledge, and abilities that are essential to the competent performance of buyer-level positions within the public procurement profession.

How would someone contact you?

You can reach me by email, phone, or Teams! | (916) 278-4337 Procurement and Contract Services

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