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Financial Aid Fee Deferment

A fee deferment extends your semester registration fee deadline. If eligible, a “fee deferment” will be placed on your My Sac State Student Center, in the Hold section.

Fall Semester: The fee deferment will extend the due date of your registration feesthrough the 2nd week of the semester. If you have a fee deferment, you do not have to make a payment towards your registration fees by the due date listed on your Student Center. Please note: Financial Aid holds do not prevent class registration.

Disbursement of financial aid funds begin one week before the start of the semester. If your financial aid does not disburse by the second week of the semester, you will need to pay your own fees in full or sign up for the Installment Payment Plan to and make payments according to the payment plan's schedule. If you owe a balance of registration fees after your aid disburses, you will need to pay the balance yourself, or request a Partial Payment Plan from the Bursar’s Office.

It is your responsibility to submit all requested financial aid documents and clear any disbursement holds in order to ensure timely disbursement of aid.

Fee Deferment Eligibility

A fee deferment is earned each semester by submitting all “initiated” financial aid documents by the document priority submission date and/or awarded financial aid.

  • If attending the academic year, submit all “initiated” financial aid documents by May 1st prior to the beginning of the academic year. (For 2024/2025 academic year ONLY, the deadline has been extended to June 1st.)
    • Upload your financial aid documents online.
  • If attending Spring only; submit all “initiated” financial aid documents by December 1st.
    • You must also be awarded financial aid to be eligible for a fee deferment.

Not Eligible for Fee Deferment

If you do not meet the fee deferment eligibility requirements, you must still submit all “initiated” financial aid documents to be considered for financial aid.

Keep in mind that submitting documents after the deadline may not guarantee your financial aid awards will be ready by the start of the semester. Be aware of your registration fee due date and consider the Installment Payment Plan if you do not have a fee deferment.

Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Continuing Students must meet SAP to keep their fee deferment. Your SAP status will be reviewed after Spring grades are posted (early June). Not meeting SAP Standards will result in disqualification from receiving financial aid. If you do not meet SAP Standards, the fee deferment will be removed from your Student Center and you will be required to pay your registration fees by the due date on your account. If you are unable to pay in full by your due date, you may consider the Installment Payment Plan.