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Policies & Requirements Financial Aid & Scholarships

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Disbursement Policy

Financial aid awards are calculated based on the number of units per semester.

Disbursements begin:

  • one week before the start of the semester, and
  • disburse twice a week through Census and continue weekly thereafter.

A change in enrollment or an increase in aid eligibility may cause an over-award.

Receive Your Aid

To ensure you receive your financial aid, make sure to monitor activity in your Student Center:

  • Clear all Financial Aid holds listed in the "Holds" section.
  • Submit all "initiated" To Do List Items promptly.
  • Understand unit requirements in relationship to your award amount.


All enrollment costs and fees are deducted financial aid prior to calculating a refund.

Refunds are delivered after disbursement:

  • eRefund: 2 - 3 business days
  • Check: mailed to the student or parent’s permanent address
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Cancelling Aid

You have the right to cancel all or a portion of your loan(s):

  • within 14 days of being notified funds have been applied to your student account, or
  • within 14 days after the start of the semester, whichever is later.

Complete the Change in Aid Form to initiate the change.

Change in Aid Form

Pell and Cal Grants Unit Requirements

Aid distribution is based on full-time enrollment. The following guidelines demonstrate how funds are distributed based on a student's enrolled units.

  • Less than 6 units*: Adjusted amount Zero
  • 6 - 8.9 units: 50%
  • 9 - 11 units: 75%
  • 12 or more units: 100%

*Credential Students must be enrolled in six Pell-eligible credential units in order to receive the Pell Grant.

State University Grant and Federal Direct Student Loans

Funds from loans are based on full-time enrollment. The following guidelines demonstrate how funds are distributed based on a student's enrolled units.

  • Undergraduate*: 6 units
  • Graduate: 4 units

*If a student is enrolled in a single semester and it is their final semester (a graduating senior), their Direct Loans will be prorated based on the total units enrolled and remaining eligibility.

Repeating a Course

Federal regulations require federal aid may only be awarded to an undergraduate, graduate or a professional student once for a previously passed course.

In addition, the following enrollment situations do not count as enrolled units and are not counted for a financial aid disbursement purposes:

  • Wait-listed
  • Audit
  • Continuous Enrollment

Over Award

Prior to each disbursement, the system will verify the number of units you are currently enrolled in and disburse aid accordingly.

An over-award occurs when a student is disbursed aid in excess of their eligibility. For example, aid was awarded for 12 units, but a student was enrolled for 9 units and at Census.

Students are required to repay aid for which they are determined to be ineligible.