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Population Research Center Division of Academic Affairs

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About the Population Research Center

The Population Research Center (formerly the Public Health Survey Research Program) was founded in 2014 by Sacramento State and the California Department of Public Health to align their research needs. The Center aims to improve Californians’ quality of life and well-being by conducting high-quality, policy impactful research. Through research, the Center provides policy makers and service providers with the data they require to make evidence-based decisions. PRC provides clients with a variety of services from project design to data collection & analysis.

As a University research center, PRC provides undergraduate and graduate students with employment and internship opportunities. The Center expands on students’ classroom learning and prepares them for their careers through valuable, real-world experience in the professional, applied research setting.


To conduct high quality research which informs policy and services supporting the quality of life and well-being of Californians.


To improve the lives of Californians.


  1. Conduct policy-impactful research on:
    1. the attitudes, behaviors, health, and life conditions of Californians.
    2. the agencies and services which serve to improve Californians’ quality of life and well-being.
  2. To be an accessible research resource for the public, Sacramento State, the State of California, and other researchers.
  3. To support and extend the University’s research expertise and capabilities.
  4. In support of the University’s Mission – Expand on students’ classroom learning through professional experience conducting research.