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¡Bienvenidos - Welcome to the Spanish Program!

BA & Minor in Spanish

2018 Spanish Program Graduates

We are certain that your academic experience with us will enhance and broaden your interest in Hispanic Studies. Our Bachelor of Arts and Spanish Minor are balanced study programs that cover the Spanish language, Peninsular and Latin American Literature, as well as the many cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Our graduates are well-prepared to pursue the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Spanish, to apply to the Master of Arts Program in Spanish, and to enhance their employment possibilities in other related fields such as government service, business, criminal justice, social work, nursing and foreign affairs.


  • If you have completed at least two years of high school Spanish, SPAN 1B (elementary level) is suggested.
  • If you have completed at least three years, SPAN 2A (intermediate level) is suggested.
  • If you have completed four years, SPAN 42 (conversation) & SPAN 47 (Intro to Composition & Grammar Review) is suggested.
  • SPAN 1A is suggested for any student who has completed two years of high school Spanish with a passing grade below "C-."
  • Three years of high school Spanish with a grade of "C-" or better fullfils the Sac State Foreign Language Graduation Requirement.

You must complete high school coursework with a grade of "C-" or better to be eligible for any class higher than SPAN 1B.

Freshmen & Transfer Students

  • Spanish 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B (or their equivalent) must be completed consecutively at the community college or university level before any advanced level (upper division) courses may be taken. For example, if you have taken two semesters of elementary Spanish at a community college, then you may continue at CSUS with the 3rd semester or SPAN 2A.
  • Once students have completed SPAN 2B (or equivalent) most will then complete their required 6 units of electives for the major by taking SPAN 47 along with SPAN 42, though other electives such as 123, 130, and 134 can be taken once SPAN 100 (Intro to Hispanic Literature) is completed. Keep in mind that SPAN 47 is a prerequisite to SPAN 100.
  • CSUS Equivalence for High School Advanced Placement Exam in Spanish:
    • A score of 3 = SPAN 2A
    • A score of 4 = SPAN 2B
    • A score of 5 = SPAN 42 & 47

Spanish Lower Division Equivalents for California Community Colleges

Advising Information

It is important for all Spanish majors to meet with their advisor each semester. The following is a list of Spanish faculty and their areas of specialization:

Find Your Advisor

Advisors are assigned according to the first letter of students' last name. Please contact your advisor by e-mail regarding any questions about the Spanish major or minor. Please note that most instructors are unavailable during the Summer and WInter break.

A-C - Dr. Edward Baranowski
D-G - Dr. Miguel Bota
H-L - Dr. Jonathan Fleck
M-Q - Dr. Maria Mayberry
R-Z - Dr. Brenda Romero (Spring 2021 only)

Spanish BA & Minor Roadmaps

Spanish MA candidates at ICH 2018

Spanish MA Program

The Spanish Master of Arts program is a balanced of course studies that covers the four main areas of the discipline:

  1. Hispanic Culture & Civilization
  2. Spanish Linguistics
  3. Latin American Literature
  4. Spanish Peninsular Literature.

Our graduates are well-prepared to either continue their studies leading to the PhD. or find careers in related fields, such as government service, teaching, translating, interpreting, or foreign and domestic business enterprises.

Spanish MA Reading List

Returning students

Please note the following deadlines from the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) for your Advancement to Candidacy form, which must be approved by the graduate coordinator and can be found on the OGS website:

  • October 1st (for Spring Semester exams)
  • February 1st (for Fall Semester exams)

Once approved, you must be enrolled in SPAN 500 (Culminating Experience) by departmental staff at the beginning of the semester in which you take your exams. (Please use the form available on the WLL website.) You must also submit the graduation application found on the OGS website.

Interested students are welcome to apply for Fall 2021 admission to the MA in Spanish program as early as October 1st, 2020. The final departmental deadline is March 1, 2021. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

For specific information about the Master of Arts in Spanish, including program requirements and coursework, please go to the CSUS Catalog.

Master of Arts in Spanish Program Admission Requirements

Prospective students must have:

  • a Bachelor of Arts degree
  • a minimum 3.0 GPA in their last 60 attempted semester units (90 quarter units)

Completion of all program course prerequisites:

  • SPAN 100 or an equivalent course in literary analysis
  • SPAN 102 or an equivalent course in Spanish phonetics
  • SPAN 103 or an equivalent course in advanced Spanish grammar
  • LING 130 or English 110A or an equivalent introductory course in linguistics
  • One course in Peninsular Literature
  • One course in Latin America Literature
  • One course in Hispanic Culture

The Application Process

The Sacramento State admission process requires the formal application to be reviewed by both the Office of Graduate Studies and Department of World Languages & Literatures.

Part I: Applying to the Office of Graduate Studies

Online graduate school application for admission

Available October 1st, 2020.

Note: There is a $70 fee to apply to the Office of Graduate Studies and the application must be submitted online. Students should consult the Office of Graduate Studies website for more information on the application process. All fees are subject to change.

Part II: Applying to the Department

  • Cover letter/Statement of Purpose: Briefly introduce yourself and provide contact information (phone number, mailing address and email address), then include a one-page Statement of Purpose (discussing your interest in the program) written in English or Spanish.
  • A five-page writing sample in Spanish from any previous coursework that was graded by an instructor.
  • Two letters of recommendation from your former professors.
  • A copy of your transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.

Send all departmental materials by no later than March 1, 2021, to:

Dr. Miguel Bota
Graduate Coordinator, Spanish Program
California State University, Sacramento
Department of World Languages & Literatures
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6087