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Employer Engagement Opportunities

Employer Engagement Overview

We invite and welcome employers and organizations who wish to partner with us and engage with our business students. We provide a variety of unique, fun and meaningful ways for you to connect with our students.

Employers interested in recruiting students and alumni of our MBA, MBA for Executives, International MBA, and MS in Accountancy programs, visit Graduate Career Services.

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Academic Internships

The College of Business offers an Academic Internship program where students may opt to complete an internship for academic credit if they wish; however this is not required. For more details regarding academic internship requirements or to post an opportunity, please visit our internship info section on the Business Job Board.

For an academic internship (student earns 3.0 credits in a semester), the company/organization must have a formal site agreement between the organization and Sacramento State on file with the Sac State Community Engagement Center.

For new site agreements, this can take several weeks to process and will require the signature of the legal representative for your organization. To request a site agreement please complete the Site Agreement Request Form and the COB Office of Student Engagement will contact you to facilitate the process.

Biz Lounge Employer in Residence Series

Come hang out and network with our students in our new Biz Lounge! This is a great space to meet our students, and engage in easy, but meaninful ways. Share information about your company/organization, promote recruitment opportunities, establish or increase brand recognition, conduct interviews, invite faculty to meet you, review resumes and/or LinkedIn profiles, and more.

Our office coordinates all elements; your job is to simply be present and engage with our students. Your sponsorship includes a tailored approach to your day - we work with you to plan the food and refreshments (college students!), we market and promote your event, provide parking, and all of the important details.

You can select from a two hour event, half day or a full day. You select what works best for your needs.

Bonus: all Employer in Residence participants receive 'Snack Sponsor of the Month" status as part of your sponsorship; we promote you for an entire month! This provides snacks on a daily basis for students who visit the Biz Lounge to study, hang out or participate in our events.

If you are interested in participating in the Biz Lounge Employer in Residence series, please complete the interest form below.

I'm interested! Biz Lounge Employer in Residence Series

Business Pathway Networking Event

The Business Pathways Networking Event is a mini business conference for business students preparing to make a successful transition from campus to career. It is a networking and industry information experience to help our students' in their career readiness and management process. Business Pathways Networking Event has three main components:

  1. Keynote and Lunch;
  2. Round table industry discussions and;
  3. Networking Fair

Visit our Business Pathway Networking Event page for more event information. If you are interested in participating in this event, please complete our Business Pathway Interest form.

Career Fairs

There are opportunities each semester for companies and organizations to participate in career fairs to recruit Sac State business students.

The All-majors Career Fair is hosted by the Sac State Career Center and is offered in the fall semester and also in the spring semester. Advance registration is required via their website.

Guest Speaker Opportunity

Request to be a Guest Speaker in Business Courses

If you would like to request to be considered as a guest speaker in one or more business courses, it is a simple process. Complete the Guest Speaker Request form and once your information has been received, it is shared with all faculty in the College of Business Administration. Faculty will then review the information, and if it is a good fit with their course, faculty will reach out to you directly to coordinate a guest speaking opportunity.

If there are other ways you would like to partner with the COB to engage with our students, we would love to hear from you; please email us!

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Special Events

Special Events for business students take place all throughout the academic year. We provide networking opportunities, career readiness events, information sessions with employers, and many different events designed to connect students with the local business community.

If you are an employer or organization who would like to engage with Sac State Business students, please review the wide variety of options to consider.

All of our events are designed to provide our students with the opportunity to interact with and network with companies and organizations where they may begin, build and engage in their own professional network and career development.

In the College of Business Office of Student Engagement, we support student success and believe that every business student should have the opportunity to join a student club, organization or honor society without barrier.

The COB Club Membership Fee Scholarship was established to support business students who are not able to cover these costs. These scholarships ensure their ability to access these outstanding opportunities, expand their networks and gain valuable leadership experience.

Business students who meet one of the following criteria may participate:

  • Expressed Interest Business
  • Admitted into the Business major
  • Students with a Business minor

A request can be made in one of three ways:

  • A business student may submit a request/self nominations accepted
  • A friend/peer, club officer may nominate a business student
  • A Sac State Faculty, Staff or Administrator may nominate a business student

The club, organization or honor society must be active and registered through Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L). Once all details are verified, the COB Office of Student Engagement will cover the membership fee for the student.

If you or your organization would like to contribute or sponsor the Club Membership Fee, please complete the interest form below; we will reach out to you. Club Membership Fee Scholarship Interest Form

Study Break Events

We invite partnerships with companies and organizations who are seeking to engage and meet our business students to sponsor a Study Break Event during the Fall or Spring semester. This format allows excellent interaction with our students as they drop by in between classes. You provide the food/beverage and we provide the students. This is very popular with our students as it supports them and fits in with their busy schedules.

A Study Break Event is perfect for organizations who are looking for more visibility and exposure on campus or for direct recruiting opportunities. For this type of event, the organization works with the CBA Office of Student Engagement to provide a coffee break, lunch break or snack break for the students. The CBA OSE provides event coordination, promotion to students and all publicity with your company sponsorship information. The cost varies based on the type of event hosted.

If you are interested in setting up a Study Break Event, please complete our OSE Study Break Event Interest Form and our team will reach out to you to discuss possibilities.

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