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Zoom Business Tutoring

The COB Office of Student Engagement (OSE) provides tutoring by appointment via Zoom. Please follow the steps below to set up your appointment.

  • Tutoring appointments are 30 minutes.
  • Same day appointments are now available with a minumum of one hour's notice before the start of the appointment time.

Make A Remote Tutoring Appointment

Before making your appointment, you will need to check which tutor(s) provide tutoring for the course(s) you need and then check that tutor’s availability. Use the list to the right or download the schedule.

You will be directed to login with your SacLink to move forward in EAB to make an appointment. There will be multiple dialog boxes; follow these prompts exactly:

  1. Choose the type of appointment you would like to schedule:
    • Drop down menu: select Tutoring
  2. Choose a service category:
    • Drop down menu: select Business Tutoring
  3. Choose a service for your appointment:
    • Drop down menu: select Online Tutoring
  4. Choose a date for your appointment. A Calendar datepicker will appear.
    • Click on blue Find Available Time button.
  5. Choose a Tutor:
    • Download the Business Tutoring Schedule to view hours, tutors and courses.
    • Drop down menu: select which tutor you'd like to make an appointment with.
  6. Once a tutor is selected, their appointment availability will appear, and you can select a time.
  7. Once a time has been selected, a page will appear with the appointment details. It will have who the appointment is with, what time, what topics the tutor specializes in.
  8. Confirm the appointment request.
  9. On the Appointment Details page, you will see a dialog box, enter your email for the tutor and select one or both of the "Send me an Email" or "Send me a Text" check boxes for your appointment reminder.
  10. Please enter the course you need tutoring in and any specific questions in the dialog box so the tutor can be better prepared before your appointment. This is especially true for tutors who help with mulitiple courses — help them be better prepared to help you!
  11. Once the tutor has confirmed your appointment, a Zoom meeting will be set up. You will be sent an email with the Meeting ID to join the session prior to your appointment.

Access the EAB Appointment System