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Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)


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The Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) provides support for students and inservice teachers to network in the math and science teaching community, and also offers great opportunities to attend conferences and professional development. MSTI is part of a CSU system-wide project to increase math and science teachers, and will play a big role in addressing an acute math and science teacher shortage (30,000 in the next 10 years).

Upcoming Events

  1. STEM Preteaching Program
    Join the STEM Preteaching Network and get involved with other STEM majors to learn more about STEM teaching.
  2. Science in the River City- Professional Development
    October 24, 2023
    November 28, 2023
    December 12, 2023

    January 30, 2024
    March 5, 2024
    April 2, 2024
  3. Math and Science Networking Event
    Spring 2024 Date TBD
  4. Sacramento Math Project

Student Scholarships

MSTI provides scholarships to students committed to pursuing STEM Teaching Credentials

Scholarship Requirements & Information

Scholarship applications closed. Applications will open in October, 2024!

National Science Foundation Noyce Scholarship ($15,000)

Resources for Students

Elementary STEAM Preteaching Club
  • Register here to join!!!
Future Teachers in STEM Club
  • Register here to join!!!

Math and Science Student Resources

Fast Track to Teaching

Resources for Inservice Teachers

If you currently hold a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential and wish to pursue an additional credential in Single Subject mathematics and/or science (including a Foundation Level credential), complete this application and see the College of Continuing Education options below.

College of Continuing Education- Single Subject Science/Math Credentials- want to add a single subject math or science credential onto your existing one? We offer summer courses to help you achieve that.

College of Continuing Education- Computer Science Supplementary Authorization- want to add a computer science authorization onto your existing teaching credential? We offer summer courses to help you achieve that.

Pathways to Quantitative Reasoning Courses

Math & Science Teacher Resources

Professional Development Opportunities- MSTI can cover registration costs for these Center for Math and Science Education (MASE) workshops. Use the promo code MSTI when registering.


Jenna Porter, PhD
MSTI Director

Karina Figueroa-Ramirez
Education Equity Advisor

CSET Resources/Support

  • California State University Northridge will be offering free online workshop to prepare individuals to pass the GENERAL SCIENCE CSET-(215).
  • REGISTER NOW! - click here to register for the Nov 6 - December 8 online workshop series.
  • INTEREST SURVEY - click here to be notified about future CSET-prep workshops in math, general science, chemistry, physics and biology

Test Prep Workshops