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Masters of Arts in Teaching with Education Specialist Credential

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Program Coordinators

  • Special Education MAT with Mild to Moderate Support Needs (MMSN) Program and Field Placement Coordinator - Dr. Kathy Gee
  • Special Education MAT with Extensive Support Needs (ESN) Program and Field Placement Coordinator - Dr. Kathy Gee
  • MAT with Early Childhood Special Education Program and Field Placement Coordinator - Dr. Cindy Collado
  • Master of Arts in Special Education Teaching Program/Graduate Coordinator - Dr. Jean Gonsier-Gerdin
  • Branch Chair: Dr. Deidre Sessoms


  • The Mild to Moderate Support Needs (MMSN) and Extensive Support Needs (ESN) programs blend a teacher preparation program with a Master of Arts in Teaching. The Education Specialist Instruction Credential authorizes the holder to provide instruction and special education support as well as conduct Educational Assessments related to student's access to the academic core curriculum. Support services can be provided according to the credential holder's area of specialization in a variety of settings.
  • The Early Childhood Special Education is an online program that blends a teacher preparation program with a Master of Arts in Teaching. Education Specialist ECSE Credential authorizes the holder to provide educational services to infants, toddlers, and preschool age children with disabilities and their families. Candidates holding the ECSE Specialist credential may provide direct and/or indirect services in home-based programs, center-based settings (e.g., HeadStart) and school-based settings (Pre-K). Services for infants and toddlers are traditionally home-based or community settings, with a family service orientation. Pre-K services generally include direct intervention with young children in school-based programs.
  • The Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization (ECSEAA) is an online program for qualified current education specialist credential candidates (those already admitted to the moderate-severe disabilities or mild-moderate disabilities programs) and also for qualified in-service education specialist teachers (who hold a current education specialist credential for moderate-severe and/or mild-moderate disabilities). Interested applicants should contact Dr. Cindy Collado for more information. Dr. Cindy Collado
  • The MAT programs focus on inquiry-based education which includes hands-on instruction with problem-based learning and issues-centered curriculum and a focus on reflection during the teaching and research process. The program foundation rests in social justice and equity in education for all children and youth, including those with disabilities, and their families. The materials and associated activities presented in the MAT coursework are highly integrated to support candidates with successful completion of the Master of Arts in Teaching degree. The MAT-only courses are taken in the summer, fall, and spring after completion of the MMSN, ESN, or ECSE credential.

Program Resources

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Career options

  • PK - 12 Specialist in special education or inclusive settings
  • Education Consultant
  • Elementary Curriculum Development Specialist
  • Curriculum Evaluator
  • Transition Specialist (ages 18-22)*
  • Early Intervention Specialist**
  • Preschool Special Education Teacher**
Private School Teacher**

*Extensive Support Needs ONLY
**Early Child Special Education ONLY