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Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering College of Engineering & Computer Science

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Cadence University Program Member

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) is a Cadence University Program Member and participates in the Cadence University Software Program. Cadence PSpice circuit software is heavily used in both the undergraduate and graduate curriculum. In addition, Cadence Virtuoso Custom Integrated Circuit (IC) design software is used in some select senior and graduate level classes in VLSI and Mixed-Signal IC design.

In general, circuit simulators provide students with the capability to simulate the response of an electrical or electronic circuit to defined inputs. Hence they are valuable tools as they allow students to visualize a circuit's behavior without having to construct it. Cadence PSpice is used at CSUS for schematic capture, circuit simulation, and post-processing of results, with all these functions combined into a single software suite. Cadence Virtuoso is used at CSUS for similar tasks in more advanced classes, and for graduate student projects in integrated circuit design.

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Affiliated Professors

Dr. Praveen Meduri

Dr. Perry Heedley

Dr. Milica Markovic

Dr. Tom Matthews