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Hornet Leadership Program College of Engineering & Computer Science|Natural Sciences & Mathematics

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What is HLP?

The Hornet Leadership program has multiple opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills. You can take advantage of one opportunity or several. In addition to the opportunities below, HLP hosts the annual Student Leadership Conference for students actively engaged in a leadership role in the university.

You can begin participating in HLP activities your freshman year by attending seminars and workshops. In addition to these activities, you can enroll in a 1-unit leadership development course once you're at the sophomore level or higher. After completing this course and being classified as an upper division student, you are invited to apply for a paid summer experience where you can further develop your leadership skills as you propose, vet, and potentially implement a project designed to have a positive impact on the community.

About the HLP


Offered throughout the year, these seminars are open to all STEM students interested in exploring their leadership potential by interacting with established STEM leaders. Seminars will provide opportunities for students to engage with successful leaders in STEM fields as they describe their professional experiences, answer questions, and offer advice for success.

Audience: All STEM students

eric guerra speaking


Offered four times per year, these workshops will focus on hands-on opportunities to explore common leadership themes, develop leadership capacity, and craft leadership skills to enhance academic and career competitiveness. Workshops will be facilitated by Peer Leaders who have developed expertise in this area through their participation in the leadership course, ENGR/NSM 193.

Audience: All STEM students

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Emerging Leaders in STEM Course

ENGR/NSM 193 is a one-unit course that will focus on in-depth leadership training for professional STEM success. Through their participation in this course, students will explore aspects of effective leadership, uncover their own leadership capacity and skills, and enhance their leadership skills by studying and applying recognized best practices.

Audience: STEM Sophomores +

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This summer experience will provide a culminating, immersive, hands-on leadership experience for students who have previously completed ENGR/NSM 193 or 197. Through this experience, students will fully embody the Leader role, and will have the opportunity to apply and further develop their leadership skills as they propose, vet, and potentially implement a project designed to have a positive impact on the community.

Audience: STEM Juniors +

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Other Opportunities

The Hornet Leadership Program encourages all students to develop their abilities both inside and outside the formal classroom. Successful professionals must become proficient at effectively working in a team setting.

Examples of these opportunities are:

The above is not an exhaustive list. All STEM students are encouraged to participate in opportunities to lead when presented.