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HHS Student Development Guidelines

The College of Health and Human Services Dean's Office is committed to supporting student development and growth in Health & Human Services fields as we work to close equity gaps within the college.

Please see the email call that went out to faculty for specific details related to this year’s funding.

2023-24 Deadlines:

Student Development Request Submission Deadline:

  • Priority requests for 2023-24 HHS Student Development funding are to be received by March 1, 2024.

Purchase & Travel Deadlines:
All requests for reimbursement are to be submitted to department ASCs by May 10, 2024.
**Students must include a 1-page report of their perception of the value of the event with their reimbursement request.

Available funding is announced annually and is subject to change.

How to Request Student Development Funds

A faculty sponsor must submit an application for professional development funds on behalf of the student. Please plan travel and/or other professional development purchases or reimbursement needs according to the deadline listed above and guidelines below.

Adobe Sign

To apply for professional development funds from the College of Health & Human Services, please submit one or both of the following Acrobat Sign request forms:

HHS AY23-24 Student Development Hiring Justification Request

Hiring Request Sample (blank PDF, for viewing/sample purposes only)

HHS AY23-24 Student Development TRAVEL Request

Travel Request Sample (blank PDF, for viewing/sample purposes only)

  • Route the form through Acrobat Sign: Please add the student’s last name (for Travel only) and department abbreviation to the end of the subject line.
  • The "more" drop down arrow on the top right provides the department ASC's and Chair's name and email address.
  • Route the document in this order:
    • Yourself (Faculty Sponsor)
    • Student (enter email address) - only needed for travel requests
    • Department ASC II - Approver (enter email address)
    • Department Chair - Signer (enter email address)
    • Dean's Office Approver - auto populated
    • AD, Signer - auto populated
  • Click "send".
    • You will be directed to the fillable document. Note: Faculty will not complete the student information section. The form will route to the student for completion.
    • Check the box that applies to your desired activity.
      • Conference - use this box for conference registration and/or associated travel.
      • Academic/Scholarly Activity - use this box for other activities such as hiring the student as an ISA/TA/GA for professional research, or course support, etc…
    • Fill out each of the three supporting information boxes.
    • The class code for Student Development will default to 2995Y.
  • Click "Acknowledge Receipt" to submit the form for approvals and signatures.
    • You will receive a signed copy of the application, including approval, via email from Acrobat Sign.

Once a completed form has been received, the Dean’s Office will submit a Payment to Students Form for final approval. After approval, the student, faculty, and department ASC will receive an email with instructions regarding purchasing and/or travel procedures. Please note: a request for reimbursement is only approved after we receive University approval of the Payment to Students form.

Note: Approval of funds are not a guaranteed payment without following University procedures. All reimbursement requests must follow university guidelines.

Prior to all payments:

Department ASCs should pay all conference registration/scholarly activity fees using a department ProCard.

The Department ASC may also assist in purchasing the following scholarship-related items, to avoid out-of-pocket expenses:

  • Conference or scholarly activity registration fees
  • Professional posters/presentation materials
  • Submission fees for publications
  • Submission fees for presenting at a conference/scholarly activity

Students must include a 1-page report of their perception of the value of the event with their reimbursement request, OR submit a 1-page report of their perception of the value of their employment to by the end of the semester in which they worked. (Fall deadline: December 8, 2023; Spring deadline: May 10, 2024).

Travel Guidelines

Prior to Travel:

  • HHS faculty member submits HHS Student Development Request via Acrobat Sign

  • Request must be approved by Dean’s Office (a copy will be sent to the student, faculty sponsor, and department ASC) and a Payment to Students form must be approved.

    • Both the approved request and the payment to student form will be sent to you by the Dean’s Office

Once request is approved by Dean’s Office:

  • Contact your Department ASC to purchase conference/scholarly activity registration using the department credit card.
    • Note: This step must be completed before moving on to the cash advance or Concur request. This will determine how much funding is left after the registration is paid for.
  • HHS will approve a cash advance for the faculty to cover additional expenses for the student during the trip (i.e., hotel booking, food, etc.) The amount of the registration, airfare, and additional expenses cannot exceed $1500. Any additional funds used over $1500 will need to be paid out of pocket.

    • Please notify HHS Travel once the student’s registration has been purchased (email with a copy of the registration amount/receipt & please notify us what the anticipated airfare will cost, if applicable).
      • The Dean’s Office will then draft the cash advance form and send it to faculty via Adobe Sign to complete the requested amount and sign/date. A dean’s office approver will then sign off on the form and forward to Accounts Payable/Travel.
        • Note: Once Accounts Payable/Travel approves your form, they will update your Concur settings to allow for cash advances. They will Cc you on the approval/Dean’s Office Staff will let you know once approved.
          • Once approved, only then may you request cash advances in Concur.
        • Cash advances will be issued no more than 10 days prior to the date of travel.
        • Once the advance is processed it is the traveler’s responsibility to pick the check up from the Cashier’s Office in Lassen Hall, Rm. 1001.
        • If you anticipate lodging to be over the $275 per night maximum, submit a Travel Policy Exemption Justification Form with your Concur request
        • Note: This step must be completed before submitting your request in Concur as the cash advance form must be uploaded to the Concur request.
  • Once approval for the cash advance is complete, proceed with the Concur request. The faculty member must enter a group travel request in Concur for the trip. This will allow the faculty member to purchase the airfare, if applicable, for the student by reaching out to the University’s Travel agent (information below).

    • For your Concur request, on the question “Are you traveling with students?”, enter yes.
    • Faculty must enter a cash advance request in their Concur request. See the “requesting a cash advance” section on page 11 in the Concur guidebook: page 11 of the Concur Request Guide
    • If airfare is required for the student, please reach out to the University’s Travel Agent. Please have your Concur request # available.
      • Travel Agent Assistance: Individual or Groups less than 10 people
        • 5:00AM-5:00PM Pacific, Monday-Friday
        • Phone: 855-993-0939 or 801-613-2826
        • Email:
      • Travel Agent Assistance: Minimum of 10+ regular traveler group
        • 5:00AM-5:00PM Pacific, Monday-Friday
        • Phone: 866-371-3580
        • Email:
      • Travel agent will upload receipt to Concur
  • If driving on University Business (includes driving during travel), student must complete Driver Authorization Requirements prior to travel dates. Speak with your department ASC and student to route the “Use the Non-Employee/Volunteer Driver Registration Form (department initiated)” process in Acrobat Sign.

    • This form includes the HR paperwork, driving paperwork, & training assignment.

  • Follow CSU Travel Guidelines:
    • The current maximum lodging rate is $333 (excluding taxes) per night. Exceptions must be pre-approved via the Travel Policy Exception Justification form

    • Travelers will not be reimbursed for travel certificates/vouchers/credits or frequent flyer miles that are used for the purchase of transportation tickets or lodging.

    • Coach or any other discounted economy‐class fare shall be used whenever ticketing restrictions are reasonable.

    • If driving a personal vehicle long-distance on University business (and claiming mileage reimbursement), you may be expected to provide equivalent airfare comparison for cost justification.

    • Meals:
      • Non-employee meals (i.e., students): Per diem flat rate of $59. Receipts not required.

    • The University will only reimburse tips up to 20% of the meal cost.

    • Alcohol is not an allowable reimbursement

    • All receipts must be itemized, show the total payment amount, and method of payment.

      • If a receipt does not show the method of payment, you must submit a copy of your bank statement showing your name and highlighting the transaction. Please retract any account numbers or other sensitive information before submitting bank statements.

After Travel:

  • Student: Submit a 1-page report of your perception of the value of the event to

  • Faculty: Combine all itemized receipts as this will be needed in Concur. Items must be received within 60 days of travel, or by May 10, whichever is sooner.

    • Ensure receipts are itemized and that they include the date, location, total amount, and proof of payment
    • Lodging: $333 per night maximum (excluding taxes). Itemized receipt should include a day-by-day outline of charges

For ASC Processing:

Before traveling:

  • Work with student to pay for any registration/submission fees using department ProCard.
  • Make sure student has completed Volunteer Driver Authorization Packet before travel date(s), as needed.
  • Any procard purchases need to include the following approval flow:

Reimbursement Request Form Information:

  • View Form
  • Once student returns from travel, submit a Reimbursement Request along with the event/activity agenda, signed travel worksheet for non-employee travel, and all itemized receipts to the Dean’s Office for approval.
  • Chartstring - include the chartstring on the approved Student Development Request Form
  • Comments: Use standard language: "Student reimbursement for travel to attend [event name] in [City, State] on [dates] with faculty".
  • Preapproval: Mable Boban (email:; Approver: Frances Palu (email: Frances Palu)


Travel Expense Claim form (Updated 1/24)

Liability Waiver

Vendor Data Record Form (Form 204)

Driver Authorization Checklist

Volunteer Registration Packet

Reimbursement Request Form