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HHS Student Development Guidelines

The College of Health and Human Services Dean's Office is committed to supporting student development and growth in Health & Human Services fields as we work to close equity gaps within the college.

Please see the email call that went out to faculty for specific details related to this year’s funding.

2022-23 Deadlines:

Student Development Request Submission Deadline:
Priority requests for 2022-23 HHS Student Development funding are to be received by March 1, 2023. All requests will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds run out.

Purchase & Travel Deadlines:
All requests for reimbursement are to be submitted to department ASCs by May 15, 2023.
**Students must include a 1-page report of their perception of the value of the event with their reimbursement request.

Available funding is announced annually and is subject to change.

How to Request Student Development Funds

A faculty sponsor must submit an application for professional development funds on behalf of the student. Please plan travel and/or other professional development purchases or reimbursement needs according to the deadline listed above.

Adobe Sign

Please submit the Acrobat Sign HHS AY 22-23 Student Professional Development Request form to apply:HHS AY22-23 Student Development Request

  • Route this form through Acrobat Sign. Please add the student’s last name and department abbreviation to the end of the subject line.
  • The "more" drop down arrow on the top right provides the department ASC's and Chair's name and email address.
  • Route the document in this order:
    • Yourself (Faculty Sponsor)
    • Student (enter email address)
    • Department ASC II - Approver (enter email address)
    • Department Chair - Signer (enter email address)
    • Dean's Office Approver - auto populated
    • AD, Signer - auto populated
  • Click "send".
    • You will be directed to the fillable document.
    • Check the box that applies to your desired activity.
      • Conference - use this box for conference registration and/or associated travel.
      • Academic/Scholarly Activity - use this box for other activities such as hiring the student as an ISA/TA/GA for professional research, or course support, etc…
    • Fill out each of the three supporting information boxes.
    • The class code for Student Development will default to 2995Y.
  • Click "Acknowledge Receipt" to submit the form for approvals and signatures.
    • You will receive a signed copy of the application, including approval, via email from Acrobat Sign.

If approved, you will receive an email with instructions regarding purchasing and/or travel.

Reimbursement & Travel Guidelines

Important Notes:

  • All travel expense claims and/or reimbursement claims must be submitted within 60 days of travel completion.
  • If not already established as a university supplier, students must complete a Vendor Data Record form (Form 204) prior to reimbursement for travel or other professional activities.
  • If driving on University Business, student must complete Driver Authorization Requirements prior to travel dates.
  • All receipts must be itemized, show the total payment amount, and method of payment.
    • If a receipt does not show the method of payment, you must submit a copy of your bank statement showing your name and highlighting the transaction. Please retract any account numbers or other sensitive information before submitting bank statements.
  • Students must include a 1-page report of their perception of the value of the event with their reimbursement request, OR submit a 1-page report of their perception of the value of their employment to by the end of the semester in which they worked. (Fall deadline: December 16, 2022; Spring deadline: May 19, 2023)

Department ASCs should pay all conference registration/scholarly activity fees using a department ProCard. (Otherwise, conference and/or other activity registration may not be reimbursed until after the event has occurred.)

The Department ASC may also assist in purchasing the following scholarship-related items, to avoid out-of-pocket expenses:

  • Conference or scholarly activity registration fees
  • Professional posters/presentation materials
  • Submission fees for publications
  • Submission fees for presenting at a conference/scholarly activity

Travel to a conference or other professional/scholarly activity must follow the process below:

  • Once approval of funds is attained, reach out to the Department ASC to purchase conference/scholarly activity registration using the department credit card.
  • If travel is involved, student must complete a Volunteer Registration Form and a Liability Waiver form, and submit to Department ASC prior to travel dates.
  • Once travel is completed, combine all itemized receipts, along with a copy of the event/activity agenda, and a signed travel worksheet for non-employee travel, into a single PDF and submit to the Department ASC II. The ASC II will submit documentation with the Reimbursement Request Form via Acrobat Sign. All receipts must be received within 60 days of end of travel, or by May 15, whichever is sooner.
    • Reimbursement Request Form Information:
      • Chartstring - include chartstring on approved Student Development Form
      • Comments: Use standard language "Student reimbursement for travel to attend [event name] in [City, State] on [dates]".
      • Preapproval: Jisel Aguirre Noriega; Approver: Heather Crummett


Travel Expense Claim form

Liability Waiver

Vendor Data Record Form (Form 204)

Driver Authorization Checklist

Volunteer Registration Packet

Reimbursement Request Form