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CSU Telecommuting Program - Academic Year 2022/2023

College of Health and Human Services Considerations

Information regarding the CSU Telecommuting Program for Academic Year 2022/2023 is contained in the April 8, 2022 email from Human Resources below.

The information on the Sacramento State Telecommute Page is updated regularly and the newest information, including the newest sample submission packet.

Please take a look at the page and read through the FAQs to get started.

The process remains essentially the same. Fall 2022 Agreement Forms expired in December. New forms can be written to a date that matches operational feasibility, but no longer than May 31, 2023. Operational feasibility is determined by the Appropriate Administrator/Department Chair in consultation with the Dean’s Office.

Staff members who will be requesting a telecommute agreement should set a time to meet with their Appropriate Administrator/Department Chair. The Appropriate Administrator/Department Chair will assess the request and discuss both operational feasibility and equity across the work unit with the Associate Dean for Budget and Operations.

Following these conversations, staff members will submit the telecommute requests using the same Acrobat Sign approval process that we have used previously. All information, including the sample submission packet, is contained on the Telecommute page.

Notes: You can put (alt) into the grid for alternate Thursdays and follow up with a note about that below. You can also indicate if summer hours are allowed. Be sure to attach a current & signed position description.