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CSU Telecommuting Program

College of Health and Human Services Considerations (Updated May 2024)

Information and instructions regarding HHS and the CSU Telecommuting Program

  • Operational feasibility is determined by the Appropriate Administrator/Department Chair in consultation with the Dean’s Office.
  • Staff members who will be requesting a telecommute agreement should set a time to meet with their Appropriate Administrator/Department Chair. The Appropriate Administrator/Department Chair will assess the request and discuss both operational feasibility and equity across the work unit with the Associate Dean for Budget and Operations.
  • Following these conversations, staff members will submit an HHS telecommute pre-approval form to be signed by the Appropriate Administrator/Chair and the Dean: Link to Adobe Form.
  • The Adobe Sign form will pre-populate with your email and Dean Maguire’s email. Please enter your Chair’s email. Hit Send. Complete the form.
  • Once the Adobe Sign approval process is complete, those staff members that are eligible and approved to apply/reapply for telecommute will go to the Sacramento State Telecommute Webpage and click on the OnBase Telecommute Agreement Form to submit it for final approval from Mary and Human Resources.

Notes for completing the Adobe Sign and Onbase Forms:

  • You can put (alt) into the grid for alternate Thursdays and follow up with a note about that below. You can also indicate if summer hours are allowed.
  • You can indicate that summer hours are allowed by checking that box on the Part I Page
  • Be sure to add a row for each Essential Function Area on your Position Description and provide a brief description of the area on the Part II page
  • Add one additional row on the Part II Page with the following information and check “Both:”
    Examples requiring employee to work on-site: on-site trainings; confidential information and information in hard-copy form; events; all administratively supported meetings that cannot be conducted virtually. Summer hours as determined by campus leadership are allowed. Telecommute Communication Expectations: Check all assigned VM messages and email daily and respond as soon as reasonably possible; check-in on TEAMS throughout the day.
  • Be sure to attach a current & signed Position Description to the Onbase Form